The flustered Colonel Mustang — during his interrogation as the “victim” in Winry’s “murder” mystery investigation — would rather admit to looking at a picture of an adolescent Olivier, than be caught with the stolen sexy shot of his precious subordinate =)))

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST | Daughter of the Dusk

Headcanons - Steadfastly Alert

Riza Hawkeye takes her job incredibly seriously. That much is evident. 

She takes it seriously enough to the point that she will not use general anaesthesia if at all possible, so that her senses and mind are unclouded should she  eed tonreact quickly. After one particularly nasty run-in with a group of criminals, while she and Roy were both being stitched up at the hospital, she received treatment for a long gash on her arm. The doctor suggestion just mild sedation, so that she wouldn’t move.

He underestimated a sniper’s mastery of stillness, not to mention stubbornness. Riza received a local anaesthetic and remained perfectly still, never taking her eyes off Roy on the next exam table.

When people say all straight pairings are boring and forced as hell, then this means they obviously have never watched FMA Brotherhood to witness one of the most beautiful and most perfect ships ever:

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