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can you do a post of harry's friends? im also new and i feel like we never ever see his friends at all. like i assumed he HAD friends, we just never see them

yes okay i love harry’s friends alright let’s do this 

jonny harvey – best friend, known each other since they were like 4 or something, fun fact nouis’ characters in the bse music video are named after him

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okay you know what fuck it imma nominate myself for this - since lauren kindly introduced this to us i felt like doing a follow up to christina’s ‘10 fave gifs of niall’ post in the harry version

and tbh this was even harder than the photo one. i mean do you see that jaw? do you? 

slit my fucking throat with that jawline ajnfjkcw ahkmklwfjho

what the fuck i’m so offended this isn’t even healthy anymore he’s so rude lOOK AT HIM BEING ALL CUTE AND FLUFFY with those crinkles under his eyes and those perfect teeth and his cute lil bed hair 

:( i am so sad 

i’m gonna tag: 

smut-reading-mum, stylesmeright, styles-ruinedmesonofabadlands bc i know deep deep down you’re still a harry girl and i need you to share your thirst over him with me!