The Hogwarts Houses As Ghibli Movies

Gryffindor - Princess Mononoke

“You cannot alter your fate. However, you can rise to meet it.” - Hii-sama

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Hufflepuff - My Neighbor Totoro

“Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away! ” - Tatsuo Kusakabe

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Ravenclaw - Howl’s Moving Castle

“One thing you can always count on is that hearts change.” - unnamed prince

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Slytherin - Spirited Away

“Ive gotta get out of this place. Someday I’m getting on that train.” - Lin

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Father Harry talk Harry taking his toddler into the recording studio

After a long time father Harry talk :,) you can still send me as I’m in mood to do Harry talk night.

“Here you go lad” Harry said putting his little two year son, Noah down on the ground. His little tiny feet wobbled as he held Harry’s pants to stable himself. He peeked up at harry with pouty lips, straight brown hair covered his forehead that he inherited from you with those green eyes.

“What’s wrong bubba?” Harry asked him crouching down to his level yet he hovered him a little. Harry brushed his fingers through Noah’s baby hair brushing them off his forehead.

“Dada up” Noah fumbled with words raising his arms up trying to explain himself better. Harry scoffed and shook his head before getting up and straightening the creases of his pants.

Noah’s chin started to wobble, tears pricked in his baby eyes when he understood the words that his father’s action spoke. His button nose getting pinker.

“Awww poor baby. Cmere” Claire said when she saw the little droplets in the baby’s eyes. She walked to him with open arms but Noah backed up and hide behind his father’s legs, clutching on to his pants tightly.

“Mummy” he sniffed still hiding behind Harry. Harry’s heart broke a little when he heard the tiniest sob escape his mouth and he immediately spun around and lifted his son in his arms.

It was Harry’s decision to bring Noah to studio. He wanted to show him the musical stuff and wanted to spend some father-son time alone together. Harry promised you that he’d take care of him and will not let him wander anywhere. And you let him.

Harry was very happy with Noah in studio till Noah started to act very clingy. He didn’t let Harry leave him alone for a minute. Even to go to the loo Harry had to take him. Noah never acted this way before. Harry expected him to act way different, he expected that Noah would interact with his band mates and others people like he interacts with Niall, Liam and Louis. But Noah wasn’t just in the mood. Harry’s band was new to him.

“Is he okay?” Sarah asked rubbing Noah’s back who had his face tucked in Harry’s neck.

“Yeah. You’re all new to him. Needs some time to adjust that’s all” Harry smiled bouncing Noah in his arms to get him to calm down.


“Peek a boo” Adam said hiding his face behind his hands.

“Boo!” Noah said removing Adam’s hand. His tiny giggles filled up the studio a Adam picked him up tickled his round soft belly.

“Told ya. Need some time to adjust” Harry laughed and they all couldn’t agree on that more.


Harry Edward Styles + GutterMouth