I know I did GERONIMO before, when I first started learning Circular Gallifreyan, but I’ve practice a lot and therefore improved, and I thought I’d try it again.

So here’s the thing:

My computer has been randomly freezing, and it did so while I was making dinner for the kids. I rebooted it, and while I did I jotted GERONIMO into the bottom corner of the page, like I do, and parsed out the letter-by-letter symbols. Then I logged into my computer.

And then I realized… I’d lettered out the whole word without the translation chart in front of me.

Holy shit, y'all. I have levelled up.

So here’s an updated version of Geronimo; still a sketch, and therefore with some woobly lines in the shell circles, but nonetheless it looks pretty decent.

You know what I love even more about it?

The Geronimo-face of determination that seems to appear when you turn it ninety degrees. XD

Okay, I can’t find the link just to the segment I want, but can we talk about something? Because when Benedict was filling in the blanks for the MadLibs scene, he was asked for an exclamation and he didn’t say “Flibbitty Gibbit” right away, he said “Geronimo.”

And obviously that is deeply problematic. But it’s less on his radar, you know? Because he doesn’t live in North America. 

But Fallon didn’t write it down. He paused, and said, “Well…” and that was enough for Ben to realize that this was Not Good, and neither of them finished the thought, they just carried on and chose something that wasn’t culturally fraught, and it was fine.

Like, your respected foreign visitor has just inadvertently made quite an insulting faux pas, completely unintentionally, so you look for a way to smooth things over and help him save face, and luckily he catches the cues and goes along with it and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

In other words, it’s possible to be culturally aware, and to backtrack when you’ve made a misstep, and work to be less ignorant all the time. All it takes is will.