Or should we say grab your phone and text everyone you know because there’s another kind of royalty in town. It’s official, THE Holden Avery is back!

D-Throned has just received confirmation that the young nightlife entrepreneur is due back from a year long stint in Tokyo any day now. With the London scene growing ever more tired, we’d say it’s not a minute too soon.                              

Party people won’t be the only ones rejoicing at the news of Avery’s return. With Ophelia out of the country, Gemma out of the picture, and a reprieve from his royal responsibilities, we think Prince Liam will be glad to have his wingman back. Sexy, suave, savvy, and smoking in a suit, the King of Clubs and the former future King of England make a formidable pair of panty-dropping poshies. We assume these two will be up to their old antics in no time and we couldn’t be more excited. Bring on the scandal!

Were we the only ones thinking that responsibility was making Liam a bit too “Robert?”