{Picture taken by Belle on the first day Gideon managed the store on his own. Belle was very sentimental.}
In a perfect world the ‘Son’ in 'Gold and Son’ would be about Gideon.

He spent many a day in the shop with his mum and papa. Listening to an old music box with his papa and learning to read - while Rumplestiltskin looked on fondly -  with his mama.

Baby Gideon saying his first word in the shop though his first steps happened at home.

Toddler Gideon wanting to spend every minute he can in the shop as he wants to be just like his papa. He even had his very own uniform; one of Rumplestiltskin old shirts and tie - shrunken to accommodate Gideons little frame, even then the arms were too long and the tie reached his knees. He loved it though-  paired with trousers and the young Gold’s favourite pair of trainers. He once tried to copy his papa’ s infamous scowl but his adorable face couldn’t master it. “My boy, you dont want to scowl like your old papa, you have your mama’s smile.”

Child Gideon going to a selective few establishment's  - there were still a few people who disliked Rumplestiltskin, he just wanted to keep his boy safe - on rent day. When he had to do the 'bad’ houses, Gideon either spent the time in the town’s library with his mama or in Granny’s with Henry. The owner often provided free milkshakes for the young boys.

Teenager Gideon being trusted to run the  shop a few hours on his own, though Rumplestiltskin was never far away and nor was Belle. Of course they trusted him, they just didn’t trust Rumplestiltskin’s enemies  not to try anything.

Adult Gideon releshing in the fact that he got to run the pawn shop on a semi permanent basis - his papa still popped in every other day to do some shifts. He wouldn’t leave and Gideon didnt want him to, those moments were his favourite .

Gideon truly loved his papa, mama and the elder brother he never got to met.


La Belle et la Bete: Belle [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Belle falls in love with the Beast without a word to anyone, him included! Her love for her father is so intense, she takes his place and returns to the enchanted palace, to live out his sentence. One there, she manages to self-contain her emotions enough that the Beast never sees their true nature. She cares very deeply about her family and those closest to her; and believes in bringing out the better nature of the Beast, in stopping him from killing his enemies.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): She prefers living in the country, where she can putter, enjoy life, grow plants, and be present in her environment. Belle is delighted to explore the castle, and very observant of what happens around her. She is excellent at seeing opportunities to act and making the most out of them (bartering a dance for a one day ticket home, noticing the Beast stalking her, and tricking the little creatures into revealing themselves). She takes most things at face value. Belle enjoys the gorgeous gowns he leaves for her.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She is good at short-term long range thinking (exchanging this for that, sensing his true intentions in his desire to persuade her to fall in love with him, and the perils associated with her leaving for a day); she correctly guesses that the creatures made a doll for her, which is meant to represent her, and intended to leave it as a present.

Extroverted Thinking (Te):  She leaves the Beast in no doubt of where she stands; she tells him to stay out of her room. She tells him he hasn’t a hope in hell of persuading or enchanting her to love him, and he’s free to try it to no avail. She barters with him (you get something, I get something) in exchange for a day’s freedom. And she’s good at acting on her instincts.

Note: Beast is an ESTP.

In defense of Belle’s yellow dress

I’ve seen a lot of hullaballoo about Belle’s dress in the new BEAUTY AND THE BEAST movie—it’s not historically accurate, it’s too plain, etc. While I agree that from a purely aesthetic standpoint, it’s not my favorite gown, from a CHARACTER perspective, I think it’s perfect.

There’s a lot of talk about Belle being ‘odd,’ but the old animated movie doesn’t really explore that. The new movie shows more of Belle’s personality as someone who approaches things in her own way, who is creative, who genuinely does come off as a little different. Look at her other costumes in the movie. She almost certainly makes her own clothes- look at her quirky, practical village dress, with the tucked-up skirt so that she can be more active, or the whimsical flower embroidery on her brown traveling cloak.

We all saw Belle get frustrated by the giant frou-frou dresses that Madame de Garderobe tries to put on her (she literally escapes from under them). I would not be surprised if Belle cut and sewed up one of those old dresses to make one that fit her size, her style, and her desire for free movement. She’s lived in a village her whole life—she knows nothing about the high fashion of her time—but she knows what she likes and what she imagines. The dress is very light, flowy, and if you look closely, the layers of the skirt aren’t hemmed, they’re cut off. Her ear cuff and the simple lines of the dress don’t look like 18th century France, but they do look like Belle.

Maurice says about Belle’s mother, “I knew a girl who was so different, so daring, so ahead of her time that people mocked her until the day they found themselves imitating her.” Belle is ahead of her time, and she creates her own style.

Just look at her gorgeous wedding gown at the end of the movie. This is not an 18th century ballgown, and it’s VERY different from the dresses that the Prince’s guests wear at the beginning of the movie. This is a Belle creation, too. 

I actually want to delve into this ‘ahead of her time’ concept a little more. This movie is very obsessed with the concept of ‘time.’ From the giant clock tower on the palace to the clock character to the falling rose petals that measure the fleeting time until the curse is permanent, to the way the villagers all instantly snap into action the second the clock strikes, the idea of time and schedule is everywhere. The songs all talk about “tale as old as time,” ‘forever,’ etc. 

Belle resists that. She’s the first one awake before the rest of the village springs into motion, singing about how every day is like the one before. She talks the Beast out of trapping Maurice in the castle “forever,” and then later, gets out of that ‘forever’ herself. The rules about the curse even change when the Enchantress transforms the dead Beast back into a living Prince when Belle says “I love you” after the time limit has run out. When she reads books, she likes to be ‘transported’ to other places and times. Belle defies time, while the villagers and the Beast are all defined by it.

When we first meet the Prince, he is fascinated by fashion, and everyone who surrounds him is dressed in the height of style—of their time period. His castle is a monument of Baroque art and over-the-top modern style—and he appreciates none of it. There is so much detail and so much beauty surrounding him that he’s become completely blind to it. Belle changes that. She shows him the beauty in everything around him, re-introduces him to what makes his castle gorgeous all over again. In that famous ballroom scene, the ballroom is incredibly ornate, but the Beast is focusing only on her, in her simple, bright gown as a focal point. She’s given him something to focus on, symbolically and literally.

When Belle comes down the stairs in a dress that’s completely her own style, the Beast doesn’t sneer at her unfashionable dress the way he would have before the curse—he’s in awe of her beauty.

And because of all of that, I think Belle’s dress is  perfect.