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Sakura did tell Sarada that Sasuke was on a grueling mission (chapter 7 or 8 I believe)and yes I know the no contact thing is there and it's no excuse. I just hate how people use it to claim that Sasuke "hates" Sarada & Sakura when within Gaiden we see that's far from the case. People demonize Sasuke for Kishi's half assed "dramatic" writing.

Ok, here’s the classic quandary: blame the character, or blame the writer? It’s a case by case thing.

When it comes to the Naruto ending (ch 700, Naruto Gaiden, Boruto: the Movie), there’s no one thing you can change and make it better. It’s just layer after layer of bullshit. You peel away one layer and you discover something else just as bad.

Sasuke is an absent father who is never in Konoha; he doesn’t recognize his own child and tries to kill her AFTER she calls him “papa”; Naruto experiences being Hokage as a bureaucratic busy work nightmare with no real reforms; Orochimaru never stopped experimenting on children yet Naruto strolls into his hideout like he’s on an episode of MTV Cribs (hat tip to @thatshinobilife for that turn of phrase); Yamato is isolated and miserable; Sakura is codependent and miserable; everyone lies to Sarada and hides what’s going on from her for no coherent reason other than “Kishimoto doesn’t know how to write an exciting plot that doesn’t involve a mindfucked tween”; Konoha is super prosperous except what the hell are all the ninjas doing and how the hell is the economy working; Kishimoto only remembers economic hardship if it can punish a female character like Tenten’s shop; the ninja economy is dead because it’s sooooo peaceful yet they still gotta make teen soldiers, fuck outta here; Hinata’s character development was made to atrophy for two years so that they could start The Last off with nothing changed; more alien bullshit. It just keeps going.

With such an onion o’ bullshit, yeah, you gotta blame the writer(s) (because Kishimoto isn’t alone in writing/creating the Naruto ending). But. That only works if you basically decide to throw the whole thing out. Both Naruto Gaidens, aka the two post-699 stories that Kishimoto drew himself, can’t work without every adult character being either a villain or an accomplice. “The Path That the Full Moon Illuminates” isn’t about anything BUT Orochimaru being able to freely experiment on human beings, brainwash, drug, torture, etc Mitsuki to make him into what he is. “The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring” isn’t about anything BUT Sarada being lied to or denied the truth about who she is, where she came from, and her family history; and that even when she attempts to confront her father about this, she is savagely invalidated by him:

Like… why? This is a happy ending? This is a reformed Sasuke who has rejoined society? This is a strong leader Naruto?

No. This is a Sasuke who learned sweet fuck all from Itachi’s manipulation of him. This is a Naruto who just stumbles along with what his society’s always done to children and fills out forms instead of protecting victims from victimizers.

And if the story was honest with itself about what it was, that might be ok. Not what I would prefer, because I unashamedly like happy endings and successful societal reform is my shit, but it would be a consistent story. Loads of people like to tell and consume nihilist “nothing ever actually changes” stories.

The problem is that the Naruto ending wants nothing to actually change but also wants to depict Naruto as a hero who accomplished his goals: bringing Sasuke home, saving Sasuke from the darkness, becoming a Hokage who changes the Hyuuga, doesn’t objectify people into tools, being part of a family, and makes it so no more children have to suffer pointlessly.

Actual outcome of these goals in the Naruto ending: Sasuke’s never home, Sasuke’s still pretty fucking dark, Hyuuga who?, everyone’s expendable, his family gets the clone while the forms get the real him, and heck yes we still have child soldiers, and that kid in a tank at Orochimaru’s? Not his business.

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actual video of Naruto getting the yearly report from Yamato about Orochimaru’s latest medical torture of children

So, Anon, I’m guessing you’re a Sasu//Saku shipper, so it’s natural to think you have to be satisfied with the ending because your ship “won”. But you don’t have to! Take it from me! (Ships Naru//Hina, Shika//Tema, and Sai//Ino.) I don’t blame you at all for liking Sarada; Kishimoto is good, really good, at character designing. But my humble suggestion is that rather than trying to square the circle by saying “Sasuke isn’t a bad guy, he’s just written that way”, you throw the Naruto ending out. Throw it all out! Freely help yourself to Sarada when you make an AU ending where Sasuke isn’t a bad guy. Just recognize that “Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada are a happy family” is an AU. The Sasuke in the Naruto ending IS a bad guy, but you know, so is literally every other adult in the Naruto ending; it’s just Sasuke is especially appallingly douchey.

Also, here’s a little aside: I can’t make a post about what actually happens in the Naruto ending without tons of trigger warnings. Maybe this is a sign that it’s not a very happy ending.

you’re like ice (feels so nice); cat/kara, explicit

cat, kara, and some freeze-breath practice (aka, warning for temperature play). for @paiqeturco, because i’ve owed her fic for a long-ass time. and friends don’t let friends go kink fic-less.

this takes place in the future sometime where cat knows for real, but also in a world where kara didn’t have her freeze-breath ability (because i had this idea before i saw red faced, whoops). 

also on ao3.

“So,” Kara breathes across Cat’s neck, lips trailing over the curve of her skin. “I’ve been practicing.”

“Mmm?” Cat moans softly, fingers digging into Kara’s shoulders hard enough to leave bruises on human skin. Kara pulls back to see her face and Cat’s eyes flutter open before narrowing slightly. “Practicing? You’re trying to make me jealous? How juvenile,” she says dryly, but her frame stiffens a little.

Kara feels it, and her heart pounds a bit harder at the implication that perhaps this arrangement they have isn’t becoming more for just her.

“That’s not what I meant,” Kara slips one hand free from Cat’s side to fidget with her glasses, the other running soothingly over the dip of Cat’s spine.

It’s barely audible, but Cat’s breath catches, and she arches further into Kara’s touch. “Mmm,” Cat hums softly, her eyes dropping back down to Kara’s mouth. Her fingers slide over Kara’s jaw, thumb brushing her lower lip before Cat dips forward to kiss her deeply, slowly.

Explain,” Cat demands breathlessly across Kara’s mouth, barely parting from the kiss to say it. Her eyes are still closed, her fingers playing lazily with Kara’s ear.

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The great nineteenth-century preacher Charles Spurgeon once told the story of a humble gardener who presents a bunch of carrots to his king because he so loves his sovereign. The king rewards his love with a plot of land so that the man can continue to grow produce and bless his kingdom. A court official sees this and thinks: ‘An acre of land for a bunch of carrots - what a deal!’ The next day the court official presents the king with a magnificent horse. The wise king, discerning his heart, simply accepts the gift with a ‘thank you’. The court official is disappointed and angry, the king explains, ‘The gardener gave me the carrots, but you have given yourself the horse. You gave not for love of me, but love of yourself in the hope of a reward.’ 

Spurgeon then asks, “Are you feeding the hungry or are you feeding yourself? Are you clothing the naked or are you seeking your own reward? Are you serving God or serving yourself?” The Bible talks often of reward, but that reward is God himself - the joy of knowing and pleasing the God we love and in whom we delight. We don’t change so that we can prove ourselves to God. We’re accepted by God so that we can change. 

-Tim Chester, You Can Change


“The diagnosis is just the beginning. You can take good news and run with it. Or you can take bad news and turn it around. How you react is everything. Because you can move beyond the diagnosis. When you open your mind, you can surprise yourself. And things change.”


Inspired by Milo Vida

This is just to show that you really can change your looks if your not happy with them, to fit who you are inside and who you want to me. The photo on the right is me as a little pudger at the age of 10, I only got bigger and such within the next few years.  It wasn’t until the past few recent years that i decided I could change, and so i am. In the process anyway. I can safely say though, while I still have some issues,  that I am so much happier with my appearance than I was all those years ago.

Akdong Musician - Hair Part [ENG TRANS]!

(A: Rovin| C&L: Lee Chan Hyuk)

[CH] yup open this

[BOTH] You can become a different person just by changing hairstyles, it’s amazing
Light enters just by opening the curtains, so what’s so amazing about it?

[CH] Who are you? I’m confused
When you pass by, everyone’s jaws drop
Why? Because you got so pretty, they’re all looking, can’t help it
I told you to cut your hair before
You see, I know you better than you
Getting into you, getting into you
I’m getting into the close race between your 5:5 parting

[BOTH] Show me your face that you’ve hidden for all this time
Wow, give me my heart back
I see, I see you eyebrows
I ran all the way here to see that
Of course, your stiff and seaweed-like bangs had its own charm
I thought it was the back of your head when I was touching it
But then I touched your nose, so cute

You can become a different person just by changing hairstyles, it’s amazing
Light enters just by opening the curtains, so what’s so amazing about it?

[SH] You just changed your hair parting but why do I like it so much?
Why are you so pretty?
You just changed your hair parting
It comes to life, I come to life because of you

[CH] Look, everyone is copying you already
Everyone is parting it like that
Seems everybody’s got on your parting
No traffic light can block me ([BOTH] go straight on)
If it’s you, even when you spray cheap hair spray
[BOTH] You make the sun rise in my dull heart
Of course, I liked you before too

[CH] Your slightly revealed forehead
Your eyes are like a chihuahua
I mean, you’re cute
Wanna do, pat your head, baby
I can’t live because of you

[BOTH] You can become a different person just by changing hairstyles, it’s amazing
Light enters just by opening the curtains, so what’s so amazing about it?

You just changed your hair parting but why do I like it so much?
Why are you so pretty?
You just changed your hair parting
It comes to life, I come to life because of you

Don’t go yet
Don’t go soon

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