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People hate xander in the whole cheating thing cause after Cordelia doesn’t take him back he just vehemently hates her, whereas Willow accepted the consequences and was remorseful and generally had more emotionally maturity and thoughtfulness. And if you think being an entitled, sexist, baby with no capacity to accept consequences is just a part of “being a man” then you’re like a really shitty person

I haven’t even talked about Xander and the fallout from the breakup and cheating in like months? Where is this coming from? What post are you even responding to, because I don’t think I’ve ever called being an “entitled sexist baby with no capacity to accept consequences” as just part of “being a man”, or even said something that can be construed as that by a reasonable person. 

Xander didn’t hate Cordelia because she didn’t take him back. I’m not even sure what show we’re watching. Up until the Prom Episode, every time Cordelia and Xander interact after the breakup, Cordelia initiates it and has fallen back into her previous mode of behavior towards Xander (namely, insulting him, digging at his poverty, et cetera) and Xander responds in kind, because that’s old habits for the both of them.

In the Prom episode, he does go into the shop when Cordelia’s there, initiating the encounter (though not to attack her, just to give her the chance to attack him, as he says) and then when she explains what happened to her and why she’s working in the shop so she can even have a prom dress, he not only keeps her secret, but then spends practically his money, money he’d been saving up for years for something he really wanted to do, to buy her a dress. 

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t come off as him hating her at all.

And while you can make a case that Xander was an entitled guy in Season 1, re: Buffy (I don’t agree, exactly, but I think that’s a discussion for another day), there’s no evidence to support that he felt entitled to Cordelia, even after he buys her the dress (I mean, I’ve read more than one fic where they end up having goodbye sex shortly before she leaves Sunnydale because the dress served as an opening for them to reconcile, but that’s fic, not canon and every single one I’ve read always has Cordelia initiate). 

So… huh?