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Living Conditions (BTVS 4.02)

This is part of my ongoing Buffyverse Project, where I write notes/meta for every episode in an attempt to better understand the characters and themes of the shows. You can find the BTVS list here and the ATS list here. Gifs are not mine.

Look, I love Living Conditions. Always have, always will. I watched it at the perfect time (in college, fighting a demonic roommate) and it just got me. It was like someone had traveled to the future and filmed my roommate experience (if you want to know about it, feel free to message me. Be warned I’ll rant like Buffy). The ending kind of bugged me, but we’ll get there. 

This episode, much like the one before it, is about Buffy adjusting to college life. This time we’re focused on dorm living. I loved the passive aggressiveness in Kathy and Buffy’s relationship that just slowly got worse and worse. Anyone else identify here?

Buffy and Kathy are two very different people. Buffy is more on the messy side, a night owl (as slaying demands) and more type B. Kathy is a definite type A who wants to log every phone call, irons her jeans, measures her pencils to the same size, and won’t stop playing “the Divas”. Both are having trouble adjusting to living with someone different than them. To be honest, I kind of identified more with Kathy than Buffy here. I mean, yes, Kathy was really tightly wound, but leaving your gum on the dresser is so gross! And no one wants a mooch roommate who steals all your food (admittedly I’m a Type A, although not nearly as nitpicky or perky as Kathy). One thing I found kind of odd was that Kathy was the one to steal Buffy’s sweater. I guess it was revenge for ruining hers, but based on the archetypes here you’d expect Buffy to be the one who’s overly comfortable while Kathy wants a strict my-side-your-side. 

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