ch: tristan milligan

Degrassi Writers: We’re very inclusive! We have a character with depression!

Fans: He killed himself. 

Degrassi Writers: We have a trans character!

Fans: He died in a car accident. 

Degrassi Writers: We have a gay character with a bi boyfriend! 

Fans: Car accident. He’s basically a vegetable.

Degrassi Writers: We have an aboriginal character!

Fans: She’s literally dying of disease. 

Degrassi Writers: So inclusive!


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Miles saying “the bisexual part of me is the part that lets me love you” to Tristan is incredibly sincere and vulnerable. Honestly, this line is completely fitting for the situation - it’s so true in the sense that gay men who are biphobic fail to realize this simple fact. I love that Miles was able to say this to Tristan because I think it’s easier for Tristan to understand bisexuality this way. And the scene ruined me lol.