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So...what happened when you let buyers pick their puppies?

Well, I have several stories because as a newer breeder I am learning too. My first litter I placed a sweet soft boy in a home I really shouldn’t have. She already had too many dogs. Because of all her dogs she did not continue socializing as he grew and he was bullied by her deerhounds. Because he was sensitive (like most borzoi are) he became reactive with other dogs. Large males in particular. His confidence was shot…it’s so important in our breed to have a confident dog. They don’t start fights and it’s so easy to live and take them anywhere. Fast forward to me asking to bring him back to the US to finish his AKC CH title. I was so saddened by how he was so fearful of everything. Still such a sweet dog but he was always watching is back as if someone was going to jump from the shadows. I asked to keep him and he’s still with me. He gotten so much better and now gets along with any males I bring onto the property. He lives with 4 intact males now. They don’t fight even when the girls come in season. So that is one example of poor placement.

Another was in my last litter, I placed a very little girl with a person who had gotten a borzoi from my first litter. He was the perfect dog and she had a lot to live up too. Several times I tired getting the owner to change her mind saying she was super high energy. The owner said she could handle it, she’s trained dogs before, nothing she hasn’t seen. Well this puppy girl said challenge accepted and became a nightmare for her new owner. I do give the owner props for trying but at 10 months she couldn’t take it anymore. She was returned to me and I hold nothing against her for returning the dog. It wasn’t sure good fit. Now the dog is in a home where she runs on 3 acres daily, gets to go run in the open field and chase jack rabbits, she just excels at anything athletic and her first home couldn’t provide the exercise to fit her energy level. Which was my fault.

Another puppy from my last litter went to a lady that wanted to get out of IWs but still wanted a bigger dog. She knew the lady I mentioned above. She loved the boy from my first litter and wanted one just like him. *laughs* cuz that’s not a tall order. Well she didn’t want the pups with the short tail which would have been the ideal fit for her. Though he had prey drive he was very bid able and laid back. Actually I gave her the choice of 2. The other had kinks in his tail.( @noodle-dragon ended up with this boy so it was a blessing in disguise.) She wanted a perfect tail *sigh* I argued with her about this for a while. I told her the other males were going to show homes, she kept saying she wanted one of 2 other boys I had not offered her. That was it. I told her the one must go to a show home, the other we were waiting on his testicle to drop and he just wasn’t the right fit. Because by 9 weeks his testicle never dropped I gave in and said fine…he’s yours. Big mistake as well. She never had anything good to say about him. He bites, he barks, he runs around her house like a crazy dog growling….HE’S A FREAKING PUPPY LADY!!!! Well she didn’t take any of my advice. We went back and forth for months, I tried so hard to help her but you can’t help someone who really don’t even want to listen. I kept pushing her to return the dog and I would give her a full refund, I guess I started pushing too hard. She refused and cut off contact with me. She still has the dog and my spies say he looks good but it breaks my heart she won’t send updates and pictures.

This is why a breeder should be completely honest and at time even put their foot down when it comes to placement. I want people to enjoy my dogs and the breed but coming to a person who breeds Borzoi (dogs bred for their athleticism and prey drive) and basically wanting a Labrador in a borzoi suit is just unrealistic. This is why I don’t let people choose. When I evaluate a litter I also evaluate temperament. If someone is looking for lower drive, if I have any, I will give them their choice. Might be 1 dog, might be 3….don’t know until the litter is about 8-9 weeks and I make no promises to puppy buyers until that time. All those that have puppies from me didn’t get to choose them. I placed the dogs in the homes so everyone benefitted.

Entangle (Katsuki Bakugou x Reader) Ch.1


Katsuki Bakugou x Reader


“You don’t know what it’s like to live in shadows. Always regretting what you’ve done~”

Walking into their classroom that morning, it was fairly easy to see that, things had been rearranged. The desks were no longer in the rows that had been before, but rather rearranged to make it into rotating aisles of 3, then 4, then 3 and repeating each 3 times.

“It appears that we have an extra desk now.” Tenya spoke, stating the obvious that the already arriving students had yet to say aloud themselves.

The class of 20, had now become the class of 21.

“Or maybe we’re getting a new student?” Izuku mumbled, trying to find the most rational reason for why a new desk was added so suddenly.

“This late in the year?” Momo questioned him. “It would be awfully strange for U.A. to just let someone in when first year has started already.”

“A transfer student maybe?” Toru cheerfully spoke.

“If we are getting a new student, I hope they’re nice!” Ochaco smiled brightly.

The classroom door slid open, signalling everyone to excitedly and curiously glance to it and see who it was.

“Awe… it’s only Bakugou…” Kirishima sarcastically spoke, watching as the temperamental teen went from 0-100 at the click of the red head’s tongue.

“The fuck do you mean it’s just me? I’ll kill you jackass…” Bakugou slammed the door shut, then noticed the desks. “The fuck happened in here?”

“That’s what we were trying to figure out, Kacchan.” Izuku attempted to answer, only to earn a scary glare right back.

“I don’t care. Who gives two shits?”

And with that, he sulked to the area where his desk usually was and kicked his feet up onto it.

The bell signalling the beginning of the day was about to begin, and soon Class 1-A manage to re-find their seats (or make their best guess) and were waiting for their unusual teacher to stroll in.

Aizawa-sensei came in a few moments later, looking actually ready to teacher for once along with a newer figure behind him. And though most the the students could not make them out clearly yet, one thing was for certain.

“Another babe~” Denki smiled and gave Kirishima a thumbs up, which he returned along with a large grin.

“Quiet down. She’s not some kind of display.” Aizawa lazily spoke and marched in, waving his hand behind him, alerting the new girl to follow.

“I know it’s been a strange morning already since none of you knew of this but, please welcome your new classmate (Last Name) (First Name). She’s our newly accepted student and will be joining our class from here on out.”

Immediately, Tenya’s hand shot up and Aizawa nodded to him. “Sir, why is U.A. accepting students this late into the term?”

“I’m afraid the reason we allowed (Last Name) into U.A. is confidential and under agreement between herself and our staff. We won’t be discussing this topic any further, nor am I or she allowed to.”

Quiet mutters resonated at this and Aizawa sighed. “Let’s begin class now. Your desk is the empty one next to Midoriya in the back.”

You nodded and walked away from your homeroom teacher and towards the empty desk next to the boy with blackish-green hair. He waved a bit, looking nervous to have the mysterious new transfer student next to him.

Izuku had already taken in your appearance, as did the rest of the class, and from what the cover showed: you were strange.

Your eyes were a clouded (eye color) showing some inner thoughts that no one could piece together. Your hair was (length) and a striking shade of (color), moving slightly as you moved closer to your desk. The strangest part however was your addition to your school uniform.

When you first came in, it looked to have just been a plain and simple snow colored white scarf. But as you had moved along more, it was a cape that gave off the appearance of a scarf in the front, but trailed behind you like a shadow.

“Today, we’ll be learning learning about the rise of Hero Industries and how exactly the occupation of hero came to be.” Aizawa spoke, clicking on the projector to display the powerpoint he had made (or stolen from another teacher).

He clicked the powerpoint a few times, seeing as how it was not turning on. Glancing at his class, that was beginning to become impatient, he placed the remote back on his desk and made his way towards the door.

“We seem to be having a technology issue this morning. Make talk amongst yourselves while I go to find someone who can fix this.” And with that your teacher was gone and a half second later, the swarm had arrived at your desk.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Izuku was the first to speak, as he was the closest. “I’m Midoriya Izuku or Deku as some people call me.”

You nodded, and readjusted your scarf cape off your mouth so you could talk. Izuku blinked as he saw a thin scar running along your chin and down to your neck. It was not super noticeable, but it caught him off a bit.

“Hi. I’m (Last Name) (First Name). But in all honestly, I’m more used to be called (First Name), since I have been in the States these past few years.” You responded, smiling a little bit.

“Wow! America!” Denki smiled brightly. “That’s pretty far.”

“Yeah, the flight to Japan was pretty long. Though I was born in (Country) and have been moving around a lot. This’ll be the first school I’ll stay at for longer than a year.”

“Your Japanese is nearly perfect.” Momo spoke, trying not to sound suspicious of her new classmate.

“My father was born and grew up here and met my mother here when they were in hero training school. They’d speak Japanese a lot at home, so I picked it up while growing up.”

“Well I’m Uraraka Ochaco. I’m glad to have another student here, let’s try to be friends!” The bubbly brown grasped both your hands and shook them in a friendly matter.

“A-ah… sure…” You mumbled and looked away. The other caught on that you might be a bit nervous and decided to back off a little bit.

“Grr.” An arrogant voice entered the fray.

“What’s up Bakugou?” Kirishima glanced at the blond in front Izuku.

“You’re all pissing me off with all this bullshit. Let’s be real and all admit that this girl probably cheated her fucking way in U.A… how else could she get in this late?”

“Bakugou-san.” Tenya tried to interfere, but you rose from you seat.

“I saw your tournament fights on TV.” Your eyes darted to his red ones, holding them in a stare he could not break.

“Good then, this way I don’t have to fucking put you into your place.”

You laughed a bit and Bakugou got up, walking towards your desk.

“What’s so damn funny? Don’t believe me when I told you that I’m going to be the top hero?”

“No I don’t…as a matter of fact I think your fighting style is sloppy and predictable.”

That did it.

Hands slamming on the desk and a wave of explosive hot air gushing away from its epicenter. Bakugou stared at you, dark intent in his eyes, you’re staring right back a few unknown emotions annoying and worrying him all at once.

“I dare you to fucking say that again.” His voice was low and husky.

The others looked on not sure what to do: on one side Bakugou was a hot head and they should save the new student from his wrath. But on the other side, the new student seemed to know exactly what she was doing and they did not want to get in the middle of Bakugou’s temper right now.

“What’s going on in here?” Aizawa came back in and noticed the tension and smell of smoke.

“Sparky here was showing me his quirk. Sorry about the desk, things out a bit out of hand.” (Name) answered back with no hesitation, almost as if her excuse was ready from the beginning.

“I see. Well I suppose it’s nearly time for training with All Might. You’re all dismissed.” He stated, not caring if his students got an extra 20 minutes to get ready then usual.


“Welcome to lessons for the day!” All Might cheered as his young students bubbled with excitement and pride. The top hero’s eyes glanced over at the new girl and he was immediately at her side, tapping her back and smiling (per usual).

“It’s great to see you again Young Miss (Name)! I see that you even have your hero outfit ready!”

Though, from what the others could tell, it was really no different. It was basically a longer version of your white cape-scarf from this morning, this time longer and covering your whole body. It was pretty plain, but left some to wonder what was underneath.

“Don’t touch me.” You snapped.

“O-of course!” All Might nodded and let you go. “Anyway. Since you never got to take the physical, I’ve been told to have you take one today.”

You sighed. “Fine.”

“Everyone else can come with me to the viewing room!” All Might cheered and the others followed. “Young Miss (Name), follow the lights to your location and be ready for a fight!”

Once the class had entered the familiar room with a large screen, everyone moved towards it, as All Might came forward.

“Alright everyone, as usual study every person you see and make notices. Share if you believe them to be important, any great hero knows not only how to use their own strengths and weaknesses, but that of their allies and enemies as well!”

Nods and shouts of ‘yes sir!’ were heard and All Might turned to watch as the new girl had finally entered the large chamber.

This room was underneath the abandoned training city, and was used to house some of the robots used for the entrance exam. The lights illuminated the half of the room you stood in, and when you stopped moving, it turned to allow the second half of the room to be lit up as well, showing off your opponent: a giant metal knight, with a huge sword that even a hero with a strength quirk would have difficulty picking up.

“That thing looks pretty scary…” Mineta mumbled, watching as your stance prepared for it’s attack.

“She’s moving.” Todoroki spoke, and everyone refocused.

The knight had made the first move, swinging its sword directly to you. You easily dodged doing a quick backwards jump and landing on your feet a few inches from the sword.

Acting fast, you pulled out a rapier from under the cloak and focusing on hitting the machine. With a gust of speed, you moved forward, striking it’s sword, and sending you upwards.

You flipped and landed behind your target and back on your feet. It swung again, but you repeated the burst of speed, this time coming closer to the knight as it tried to remove it’s sword from the ground.

You struck it a few times, but not making a dent. By this time, the knight had turned and aimed for you. You rose your rapier and blocked the hit, but it sent you sliding back on your feet from such a powerful impact.

“She’s quite fast.” Momo observed.

The knight lunged into the air, trying to take you down with a jump attack. You jumped out the way, but didn’t notice the backhanded swing until it was too late. You barely had time to raise your blade until it sent you flying backwards again, skidding across the ground.

You didn’t stay down long though, as you used the momentum to push yourself back upwards and back onto your feet. You were nowhere near finished yet. Raising your weapon and focusing for a few second longer then before, your classmates could finally see what was allowing you to move so fast in the first place.

A white magic circle appeared below your feet and twirled as you plotted your next move. The circle was large and contained an eight pointed star right in the center with corresponding lines and tiny four pointed stars around it.

When the circle disappeared, you were sent flying forward and managed to land several hits again. When the sword came downward, you used the sudden rush of air to elevate yourself, creating another circle in the air and jumping off of it. More hits, and more circles were added, and the knight took more hard hitting damage it appeared.

“She used those circle to propel and retract herself. Even in midair she’s able to use them to balance and strike at angles people usually don’t hit! Amazing!” Izuku spoke out.

“Yes! Excellent eye Young Midoriya!” All Might exclaimed. “Those circles that she uses give her the ability to increase and decrease speed as she goes. They have multiple other uses as well, let’s all continue watching and see.”

Just like he said you had landed midair again when the knight swung its sword at you. You jumped straight up to dodge it, but the knight was prepared and used its free hand to smack you like fly.

You hit the ground roughly and coughed a little bit. It appeared that hit really did knock the air out of you.

“Ha. The idiot can’t even take down a single robot? And she called me sloppy?” Bakugou laughed.

“Is she okay? That was a pretty hard hit!” Mina worried for you.

“Just keep watching everyone. The Young Miss is quite tough.” All Might reassured the students.

Standing back up and looking determined you eyed down your enemy and took one final deep breath. Pointing the rapier directly at the machine you glared and spun it’s center, changing the color from the silvery white to a hot red. Your cape turned a similar shade and you reaffirmed your stance.

The robot charged at you and you met it’s sword with your own, striking it in an equal display of force, a trail of red light coming off your rapier, while red orbs of light emitted from your cloak.

Doing a spin, your sword and cape now turned light blue and you struck the ground, sending a wave of light blue light, looking to be icicle like towards the robot, freezing it in place.

You run forward and it took notice, swinging its sword to you in another attempt to knock you down. But instead you hopped right into the large blade and held on as it moved through the air.

White was back, this time separating the sword and it’s holder with a simple clash. The knight freed itself from the ice now and came running forward again. You used multiple colored light circles to attack and evade your target, obviously waiting for the right moment to arrive to strike and finish it off.

As the robot recovered from striking the ground, you placed a large orange magic circle underneath it and detonated it, an explosion it appeared.

Spinning the weapon around while the robot was flung mercilessly into midair, you created 5 smaller versions of your circles and with your rapier pointed them towards the robot. The white circles came forward and held the target midair in it’s place, unable to move.

With a white circle was underneath you, you moved high into the air. The final circle shooting you fastly towards your target your gave off a display of white orbs casting down to the ground on a slow manner.

You landed on your feet and let out a breath as a loud crash came from behind you, sending air and light trails from where the robot had fallen breaking into millions of light particles as well.

You breathed out a sigh of relief and reput you rapier away and walked towards the exit.

“Oh wow! Does she have a light manipulation quirk?” Ochaco gushed, impressed by the simple beauty of your elegant and well planned out attacks.

“Yes! (Name) can gather and hold light together. The color she uses emit a certain attack, white tends to control gravity, light blue for ice and many more. Her rapier not only is a useful weapon, but contains a light and colored foils on the inside so she can use the colored lights to attack foes.”

“It’s a pretty rare quirk!” Izuku fanboyed. “I’ll have to ask her if I can take notes on it!”

Everyone continued talking about how cool and wonderful your fight and quirk was except one.

Bakugou clicked his tongue in annoyance and looked away. He was not impressed… not even in the slightest.

AN- Holy… 8 pages. Was not expecting that to be so long. Anyway, I’m not 100% sure I’ll continue this, but I will if you guys want me to. So leave me some comments and faves so I know. :) I’m new to writing BNHA, so please bare with me as I get character’s down better as well as establish the plot here. And for those wondering, timeline here begins after the Tournament Arc. Won’t follow anime plot for the most part, but rather an idea I had that I thought would be fun. And FYI, your quirk is based off of Weiss Schnee from RWBY, as I always liked her semblance, so i edited and tweaked it a bit to make it fit into BNHA more.Thanks again everyone and thanks for the read~ :D