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What does your Jervis look like exactly? Is he short like in the Arkham games or is he tall like early on in the animated series?

Oh Jervis, you would be so adorable if you weren’t trying to bend my mind to your will.

Jervis is a staggering 5’5” in the Codotverse, but given that he perpetually slouches, it’s more like 5’2”. This is, of course, without his High Topper on (adorned with a £359.00 price tag and a pair of goggles). His clothes are were at one point nice, but despite coming from a family with money, Jervis rarely buys new outfits, insisting on fixing and patching what he’s already got on. They don’t look bad, but they have certainly been ‘lived in’. 

A navy cashmere duster with the collar flipped up obscures a great deal of Jervis’ attire – his billowy dress shirt (with another upturned collar which, with the coat and hat, hides Jervis’ face almost entirely) held in by his waistcoat, his brown slacks, even the riding boots in which his pants are tucked are barely visible. He still wears an insanely large bowtie around his neck, but after years of being mocked for it, he tucks it into the top of his waistcoat, making it appear more as an ascot than a foppish bow.

His waistcoat is adorned with a variety of tools needed for the constant upgrades and repairs to his technology. His gloves are fingerless, so as to be able to have maximum dexterity (and when you’re soldering a circuit board while running – you NEED dexterity).

Appearance-wise, Jervis has blue eyes hidden under a mess of blond hair. His teeth are straight as tombstones (and according to Joker, just as large). The teeth tend to take away from his nose, which he thinks is far too large, but it balances everything out (think Liam Neeson, but on a 5’5” Tetch, not a 6’4” Neeson). He’s not an ugly man, but he lacks charisma, so obsessive staring and a horrible stutter around people he finds attractive doesn’t add much charm. Also, bending people to his will through his various gadgets doesn’t help.

He still has an obsession with Alice in Wonderland, carrying a pocket-sized version of the book in his coat at all times. His username at WayneTek was M4DH4TT3R (Edward’s was 3NIGM4. They didn’t even plan that, they’re as bad as each other for trying to look ‘cool’. Bruce is no winner either - he went for WayneTek over WayneTech because he thought it would appeal to a younger demographic. This will be discussed more later, as we’re drifting into origin stories).

Voltron sneeze headcanons GO

Allura: dainty but can never sneeze just once. It’s five or none

Coran: he literally says “AH-CHOOIEEE”

Shiro: loudest fricken thing in the universe. Always goes “augh” after it and sniffles like he’s just fought an entire army and is winded

Keith: holds it in so it makes a nasal-grunt sort of noise. Gives himself headaches because of it

Hunk: bypasses the “ah” and goes straight for the “choo!!” Almost as loud as Shiro

Lance: the tiniest, kitten sneeze in the history of forever. He dreams to have a good dad-level sneeze like Shiro someday

Pidge: notoriously loses sneezes and gets pissed off about it. When the sneeze finally gets out, it’s pretty average. Sounds like “heh chew”


You’re applying ideas, histories, and canons from other people’s work to the CodotVerse – so I can’t argue this.

Also, they will not be appearing nearly enough in the coming arcs for any of this to matter (with the exception of MAYBE the Music Meister). They will never really be in the spotlight, so it’s wasted breath. This is simply me laying out my groundwork for future stories.

Sure some people may cringe at a Nice Joker AU, but I don’t like abuse. I don’t enjoy toxic relationships. I don’t think people should be shown characters like this as some sort of norm, because I don’t want people thinking that if Harley Quinn can live through it, maybe they can too.

I’m fed up with seeing a character with so much potential being little more than Puddin’s Punching Bag.

So I’m changing it.

Y’all’re more than welcome to write your own versions.
Always have been.

Now let’s get back to some fun.


dear esther. the morning after i was washed ashore, salt in my ears, sand in my mouth and the waves always at my ankles, i felt as though everything had conspired to this one last shipwreck. i remembered nothing but water, stones in my belly and my shoes threatening to drag me under to where only the most listless of creatures swim.

anonymous asked:

Ngl im a Little disappointed about the Joker and Harley having a positive relationship that takes away from the jokers character development. Bjs abuse of Harley is rooted in his own insecurity nd getting rid of it seems like it's getting rid of an important facet of his personality. It would be like saying crane was from New York instead of Georgia. It doesn't alter the character terribly but it does change a lot

That’s fair.

But Joker was a psychopath long before Harley Quinn existed, and I draw from that. I enjoy having The Joker as a wild man who does what he likes because it’s funny to him, and having Harley alongside because, while she wants to help him, she’s fascinated and excited by being with someone who has no regard for consequence.

Also, I don’t see abusive “romantic” relationships as a particularly interesting base for narrative or character development.

As I’ve mentioned before, these ideas and developments are products of my own mind that I have decided to share with the public (for good or bad). If you don’t enjoy them, you are always free to not read or listen to them.


dear esther. i sometimes feel as if i’ve given birth to this island. somewhere, between the longitude and latitude a split opened up and it beached remotely here. no matter how hard i correlate, it remains a singularity, an alpha point in my life that refuses all hypothesis. i return each time leaving fresh markers that i hope, in the full glare of my hopelessness, will have blossomed into fresh insight in the interim.

alternate ending to age of ultron where pietro lives and when Clint goes home he introduces Wanda and Pietro to Laura like “hello dear these are our new children they’re little shits and i love them very much” and then everyone lived happily ever after the end