ch: this is calm and it's doctor

I would appreciate if someone would be so kind as to show me a full body picture of Reid in the season 7 premier while he’s wearing this, since I’m having difficulty finding one myself, and I would very much like to have this in full derishuz color. Yup.

HiIhaveathingfordrawinginpseudoAdventureTimestyle. AND I JUST NOTICED I ALMOST ALWAYS DRAW SPENCER IN THE SAME POSE WHEN I DO THIS STYLE. WTF SELF. Need to stop that.


I’m literally obbbbbbbbbbbsessed with this quote, and I’m not lying when I say it’s my favorite line from all tv shows, from all the world. 


EPIC! xD I could re-watch this single scene over and over and over again!!  "this is calm, and it’s doctor" like a BOSS


another reason why gube is one of my favorite people in the world ever

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i’ll just leave this here