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Space Husbands Crossover Prompts - Day 25

De-aged AU –  from @qingcong‘s prompt list ChristmasNew Year’s present.

( I was just kind of amused by the idea of Hal s a horny teenager, ngl… )

He has so much energy.

After so long relying on mental and emotional strength, it’s a small wonder to feel the physical power of his body in the brilliance of a prime he’s almost forgotten. So strong, in fact, he’d thought it a ploy at first - then laughed when he understood the truth of it. The triumphant grin that practically bared his teeth at the wannabe warlock brought an oh so satisfying tempest of fear and uncertainty spiraling into his ring, and really, that should have been more than enough.

If it weren’t for Jordan’s sudden, frantic shriek from below, it would have been.

Human teenagers are… a handful.

In truth, Sinestro had assumed they weren’t terribly different than Korugarians. After all, they seemed to share a good deal of physiological traits and predilections. Warm blooded, generally mammalian, skin, bones, mostly water. They even shared the same vaguely star shaped arrangement of limbs and similar basic needs for food, water, shelter and companionship. Even reproductively they were relatively close (which wasn’t all that strange given how easily Korugarians apparently bred with just about anything, he’d found.)

But most importantly, he’d always thought he had a fairly good grasp on the human process of aging after all the time he’d spent dealing with the various Earth lanterns in the past. Even the mild surprise with Rayner was quickly adjusted. In fact, he’d been under the impression the man was fairly representative of humanity’s adolescence, given so much of how he’d acted. Soranik’s relationship with him had developed later on, after all, and she had been only just out of a similar stage as far as he could guesstimate.

He is, apparently, very, very wrong.

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