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Does Rose actually remember being the Bad Wolf? That's one thing I've always wondered like I think she does?? But also idk

Oh, one of my favourite topics! And just in time for Meta Monday, too. 

Yes, she does. Remember in Doomsday, when she looks Dalek Sec straight in the eyestalk and tells him that she took the Time Vortex and poured it into the emperor and turned him to dust? 

The question I always have is when and how does she remember. Because that’s the only time (that I recall) that Rose references being Bad Wolf in all of S2. There is one reference made by the werewolf, but Rose doesn’t say it, and she’s obviously a little confused by it. 

So… did Tooth and Claw trip her memory? Did she start dreaming about it? Did she remember on her own, or did she ask the Doctor? 

We don’t know any of that. Oh, we do know that they had talked about Bad Wolf, and about its real meaning, because the way Rose mentions that their final conversation is on Bad Wolf Bay indicates they both know that the other knows the real story. 

My personal thought is that she started dreaming about it and asked the Doctor. I don’t think he’d willingly bring it up without her asking. But that’s influenced partly by my belief that he hid the memory from her when he took the vortex out of her–so he wouldn’t be the one to bring it up, if he purposely tried to hide it from her. 

If you think that Rose just forgot about being Bad Wolf because of the trauma and that the memories came back on their own and fairly quickly, that might be a different situation.