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Uncommon Destiel A/B/O Fics

A collection of Destiel A/B/O fics that have an uncommon or underused take on the A/B/O trope, broken down by type.  This is not intended as a rec list, but more of a collection of fics that break away from the common alpha/omega pairing/identity in various ways.  It’s broken down by category and a fic may appear in multiple categories.

Fics with asterisks (*) have only been verified by tags.
Bolded fics are the most recent additions.

Gender Identity

Sexual/Romantic Identity
Spectrum is used to cover a range of identities.  Fics may have more specific tags or none at all.




If you know of a fic not listed here, please send it my way or message me!

Societal Flips, Other/Miscellaneous and Just Mentioned/Non-Destiel categories and other contributors are now under the cut to save on length.

Last Updated: 3/2/17

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