ch: superior spiderman


Scarlet Spider: Get away from my idiot brother.

Superior Spider-man:  What do you think you’re doing?!

Scarlet Spider:  What does it look like? I’m saving your jerk life.       

Superior Spider-man: I do not need your help!

-Superior Spider-man (Otto Octavius) and Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

Oh my god. Every time Kaine refers to Peter (the real Peter) as “brother” I just wanna hide away somewhere and cry.


The Green Goblin sends his tiny flying minions to MJ’s house for one reason or the other (I refuse to actually pay attention to Superior Spider-Man out of principle for how they treated MJ in that rape-by-deception plot – and apparently they blew up her nightclub, too? Sheesh. And I assume she still doesn’t know that her closest, oldest, dearest friend and ex-once-husband is actually a super-villain in disguise, despite being the one person save for Aunt May that knows Peter the best) and she deals with them with some web shooters given to her by Peter.

Superior Spider-Man #28

OMG! Otto loved Anna Maria, that totally makes him less of a Villain!

One thing I see spider-ock getting a lot of praise for is how accepting he was of Anna Maria Marconi despite her being a little person.

yep. He is clearly the most accepting, non-prejudiced person ever…did we forget about his team-up with Kaine already!?

Pay attention to what he says in the last two panels. He says this about a cloned Gwen Stacy “An abomination. A worthless mockery of humanity. Just like all clones.”

Clones have no choice in whether or not they can be clones, not unlike people of different races or sexualities. They have no control over that part about them. Listen to that last part closely “Just like all clones”. Replace “clones” with another type of person that can’t change who they are or something about them.

“Just like all gays.”

“Just like all Hispanics.”

“Just like all Jews.”

Sounds a little fucked up, doesn’t it? In the marvel universe, mutants are often used as an allegory for people who face discrimination based on who they are(such as those of different races, religions and sexualities). I wouldn’t be surprised if clones were an allegory like this in this comic.

It doesn’t help that later on, spider-ock leaves Kaine and the other clones to die in the burning lab. He feels that clones deserve to die because….well, because they’re clones.

The fact that he loved and dated Anna Maria does not disprove this. He may not be prejudiced towards little people but that doesn’t mean he isn’t prejudice towards other groups of people. It’s possible for someone to be homophobic but not ableist and vice versa. It’s possible for someone to be sexist but not racist and vice versa.

What I’m saying is that Otto is still a prejudiced bastard that felt that clones were beneath him and deserved to die because they’re clones. His relationship with Anna Maria doesn’t excuse this. He’s not the most accepting person ever because he dated a little person and that doesn’t make him less of a villain.