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Teen Wolf AU - House of Hales (Part 1): There’s a reason why Stiles isn’t allowed to do magic without supervision.

“You know better,” Derek pointed at Peter.  "You’re supposed to be the adult here, start acting like it. And you–“ Derek turned to Stiles and he threw his hands up in the air.

"I know, I know, I’m not supposed to do magic without you, but I got this book from Deaton and it was just a simple relocation spell.  And hey, it worked!” Stiles motioned to the hole in the wall.  "Sort of,“ he turned back to Derek who didn’t exactly look impressed.  "I really am sorry.  I’ll call someone in the morning and get it fixed.  Promise." 

"I don’t care about the wall,” Derek rolled his eyes.  "What if it had worked on you? Do you even know where the bricks went? Where you would have gone? And what if it only relocated part of you?“

"That depends. Which part?” Stiles asked half terrified, half intrigued.

“Stiles,” Derek sighed looking pained. “Just…try to be more careful in the  future.”  

“Uh, yeah sure,” Stiles nodded and Derek’s shoulders relaxed just a bit.  

“I never really liked that wall anyway,”  Derek offered.

“I could get rid of the rest of it for you,” Stiles moved back toward the wall.

“No!” Derek and Peter called out and Derek reached out and grabbed Stiles’ wrist.  "It’s fine.  We can just call someone in the morning.“  

December 13

Stiles and Derek (maybe involving mistletoe)

For idaredyoubambi

HAH I’M A BIT BEHIND ON THIS AREN’T I. well. yeh. art block and stuff. ya know. mmm. WELL I’M BACK ON TRACK NOW, HOPEFULLY I CAN KEEP THIS UP TOMORROW AND MAYBE CATCH UP ON THE DAYS AGAIN. ämma chose the color for stiles’ sweater, just fyi. ghhgj i’m quite satisfied with this one actually. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT ENJOY.