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Things people may have missed from Skyhold's War Table

The second part of the ‘Hard In Hightown’ quest line reveals, if Josephine’s approach is used, that Seneschal Bran has become Kirkwall’s Viscount.

The quest ‘Annexing Kirkwall’ reveals that Sebastian has occupied Kirkwall and Aveline leads the rebellion against him.

If you side with the Qunari over the Chargers you unlock a series of quest where you work with Tallis.

After the quest ‘Investigate Lord Enzo’ you get to work against him with Zevran

The quest ‘A Trouble of Red Jennies’ reveals that Charade Amell has moved to Tantervelle and become a Red Jenny


Gimmie some height differences, baby!

For the record, the height differences between Isabela, Garrett, and Varric are the game default for humans and dwarves.

Carver: 6'6". Farm-boy strong.

Warrior!Hawke: 6'3"

Anders: 6'2". Wiry in Awakenings, willowy in DA2.

Aveline: 6'1". Powerful thighs. Could take Anders and Sebastian down in an arm wrestling match. Simultaneously.

Sebastian: 6'1". Annoying well-built. Perfect white teeth too.

Marian Rogue!Hawke: 6’. Lithe build. Impossibly long legs.

Garrett Mage!Hawke: 5'9". Thick arms, thighs,… and butt.

Isabela: 5'7". Voluptuous. Wants you to be aware of that.

Fenris: 5'7". Tall end of the height spectrum for an elf.

Bethany: 5'6". Curves like a young Dolly Parton.

Merrill: 5'2". Cutest little daisy you’ve ever seen.

Varric: 4'10". Barrel-chested and barrel-shaped. Fields of gorgeous golden chest hair.


this drawing is trickier than first expected. it’s a good challenge tho, even if i had to correct the anatomy like 7 times. if i’m to continue this as first planned, it means i’m still pretty much under halfways because there are some crucial details i havent even started working on yet. have some wip shots of what i got so far.