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swiftlyromantic  asked:

What are your thoughts on Willas Tyrell and the future of the Reach? TBH I'm pretty sold on the guy due to not only his family's praise, but the fact that even Oberyn and TYWIN have only good things to say about him. Sorry if you've already talked about him before, but I can't search through your blog since I'm on mobile rn :)

I’m extremely bullish on Willas Tyrell. GRRM has said he’s got significant plans in store for him and Garlan, his praises have been sung in every corner as you say, and I suspect he’ll prove to be one of the most important figures in post-Dawn Westeros. I think that where Renly was a deconstruction of the classic fantasy Good King, Willas is secretly the real deal, hidden from us for so long to increase the impact of his introduction.

Specifically, I think that Willas will lead the resistance to this: 

“I saw towers by the sea, submerged beneath a black and bloody tide. That is where the heaviest blow will fall.”

…which I believe to be Euron’s apocalyptic assault on Oldtown, culminating in him blowing the Horn of Joramun and bringing down the Wall, hence Mel describing it as the “heaviest blow” in the Second Battle for the Dawn. (The classic GRRM-irony being that both she and Jon assume it must be a castle at the Wall, their eyes trained north even as the end of the world sneaks up behind them.) Sam escapes Oldtown (hopefully along with Sarella) to continue as our POV in the region, and hightails it to Highgarden to warn Willas and Garlan that “these are no mere reavers,” that Euron is not just Iron King but would-be Night’s King. They rally the Reach and (heh) reach out to the anti-Euron elements on the Iron Islands and anyone else left in the south who can fight. I see a parallel struggle coming in ADOS: Stannis holds Winterfell against the army of the dead, while Willas holds Highgarden against the man who would lead said army. After both Euron and the Others have been fried to a crisp, Highgarden and Willas the Wise are natural pillars for the reconstruction in the south, every bit as much as Winterfell and the Starklings in the North. 

dialux  asked:

Just wondering: do you know of any pacifists in the asoiaf universe? Obviously the narrative/plot doesn't allow many of them to hold to those ideals (if there are any) but even "sweet" characters like Sansa have moments of wanting to kill people.

Hmmmm, off the top of my head I can’t really say for sure.  I think even people who say they are pacifists IRL are definitely inclined to violent internal monologues at time, even if they cool it and calm down later.  I don’t think that that fight-or-flight instinct just disappears, it’s a matter of mitigation.

I can’t remember for sure, but Actual Perfect Human Being Samwell Tarly may be the type you’re after.  As far as I recall, he doesn’t have violence/revenge as an instinct towards his own pain and humiliation, and doesn’t see it as a solution to the problems he encounters, even when he is angry.  He would probably call it his own cravenness though.

Other than that, I kind of want to nominate Missandei.  While it’s really hard to know what goes on in her head since we have yet to have any moments of her internal monologue, I’m curious what her relationship with pacifism (such as it can exist in ASOIAF) is because she’s Naathi:

The people native to the island are a beautiful and gentle race, with round flat faces, dusky skin, and large, soft amber eyes, oft flecked with gold. The Peaceful People, the Naathi are called by seafarers, for they will not fight even in defense of their homes and persons. The Naathi do not kill, not even beasts of the field and wood; they eat fruit, not flesh, and make music, not war.

Since she was captured and enslaved so young, it’s tricky to determine how this sense of cultural upbringing might effect her worldview.  Slavery as an institution is something that benefits from the internal destruction of connection to one’s home culture, and so even as Missandei excelled in learning languages and letters, they may have been working to break what remaining connection she had to Naath–including this philosophical one that she may have been too young to internalize as is.  That said, she also had three older brothers from whom she was not separated by the time she was emancipated.  On top of that, it’s also hard to know how her proximity to Dany–who also strives towards nonviolenece where she can, but does not remove it from the table–would affect the way she interacts with the world.

But yeah, I think if I had to name two potential pacifists, I’d name Missandei and Sam.  (AKA team #sidekick.)