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Imagine: Pranking the Winchesters with Gabriel…

Prank #1: A foamy wake-up call

Sam and Dean had fallen asleep on the couch - a very bad idea when two tricksters where in the house: You, their mischievous younger sibling, and Gabe, who was basically a five year old in a man’s body.

You drew moustaches and doodles on the brother's faces with markers, squirting shaving foam into their hands and tied their shoe laces together.

You both tickled their noses with feathers, watching as they splatted the foam on their faces.

“(Y/N)! Gabriel!” They yelled in unison, trying to chase after you and falling on their faces. You and Gabe high-fived, laughing as you ran away to hide before the boys recovered.

Prank #2: Disgusting Doughnuts

Dean always ate all the doughnuts and pie before you - so you decided it was time for action…

You and Gabe took the custard and jelly out of the doughnuts with syringes, replacing the sweet contents with mustard, horse radish, ketchup and red hot chilli sauce, dusting them with talcum powder.

Dean picked up a chilli one, taking a big bite out of it - before screaming like a girl and running into the kitchen, whining and swearing as he went. Sam burst out laughing, giving you and Gabe high fives - then picked up a horse radish doughnut…poor moose…

Prank #3:  Wild Goose Chase

Now, this prank was a hard one.

Gabe hid the impala - with help from Bobby - and left a fake ransom note on the kirb, giving a random location of where to find the car. The boys fell for it, going to the location, only to find another note - and so on and so on.

You and Gabe brought the car back to the bunker, parking it outside. You sat on the hood, soaking in the sun as you heard, Dean, screaming death threats from the bottom of the hill, taking that as your cue to leave…

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I Forgive You

Request: Hi! Could I please request a one shot based on the scene in ‘Born under a bad sign’ where demon!sam attacks Jo? But instead of Jo, it’s the reader (who’s Jo’s little sister). And afterward she’s terrified of Sam and sticks to Dean’s side. So Dean and Sam slowly get her to trust Sammy again. I just really want a story based on that scene because Jared did an amazing job with it :) please and thank you!

Characters: Slight slight slight Dean x reader

A/N: Sorry it took so long and that it’s so long. I’m a little insecure when it comes to this one because I’m not sure how good it is so I apologize profusely for that. I really hope you enjoy it though and that it’s what you wanted!! Please please please send feedback for this post because I’m just not sure about it. Thanks!!

“Last call!” You yelled loudly into the bar and watched as several people rushed the bar all shouting drinks at you. If it was anyone else they would have panicked and asked everyone to repeat their drinks or form a line but not you. You were raised in a bar and had been doing this for years. You made quick mental notes of every drink and without breaking a sweat poured the drinks passing them out to thirsty patrons.

You couldn’t stop the smile from spreading on your face as you looked back at the bar, everyone talking, laughing, and generally having a good time.

Though you missed your mom, Ellen, and sister, Jo, you couldn’t help but be glad that you left. It felt nice to just get away from everything, especially the Winchesters. You knew that it was wrong to be mad at them for something their father did but you couldn’t help yourself. So extra distance was good, right?

“Hey Y/N.” The voice of your boss snapped you out of your thoughts as you looked up just in time to catch the keys hurtling in your direction “Lock up will ya?”

You offered a small nod, knowing that you didn’t have much of a choice, before turning back to the glasses you were cleaning. It was going to be a long night.


“Bye.” You waved as the last of the patrons left for the night before turning back to the bar wiping off the counter with an old rag.

You heard someone clear their throat from over your shoulder and turned around expecting it to be some guy too drunk to form a coherent thought. However, to your surprise you found Sam Winchester standing in the doorway.

“Well you were about the last person I was expecting.” You joked lightheartedly doing your best to be nice, trying to remember that it wasn’t Sam who killed your father.

“Yeah,” Sam chuckled softly “Can I get a beer?”

You bit your lip and hesitated for a moment before, against you better judgment, agreeing. “Yeah sure, one beer coming up.”

Sam slowly made his way to the bar and you slammed his beer on counter without even thinking about it, screw being nice you wanted to go home, before walking across the bar and picking up some of the bottles. “So how’d you find me?”

“Well,” Sam almost chuckled but never managed to get it to the surface. “It’s what we do.”

“Speaking of Dean, where is he?” You asked, it was unlike one Winchester to travel without the other.

“He couldn’t make it.” Sam answered quickly, much too quickly for it to be a truthful response.

“What are you doing here Sam? We didn’t exactly part on the best of terms.” You sighed desperate to get him out of your bar.

“Right…um that’s why I’m here. I kinda wanted to see if we could square things.” Sam answered slowly while taking off his jacket, showing that he intended to stay for a while. However, in the mist of the action you caught sight of a strange burn mark on his forearm.

“That looks like it hurts.” You noted gesturing towards the burn.

Sam chuckled softly and hesitated slightly before answering “Yeah, had a nasty run in with a hot stove.”

This caused you to mentally groan. He was acting strange and after the long shift you had just finished you were desperate to get him out of here. “Anyway squaring things.”

“Yeah,” Sam answered looking slightly relieved that you stopped questioning him though at this point you didn’t care. “look I know how you feel about my dad…I can’t say I blame you. He was obsessed…consumed with hunting and he didn’t care who got caught in the crossfire…and I guess that included your father.”

You bit your lip again and looked away wanting nothing more than the ability to disappear.

“but that was my dad.” Sam continued “not me.”

“What about Dean?” You asked, your curiosity about the oldest Winchester wining out over your desire to avoid this conversation all together.

“Well Dean’s more like my father-“ Sam began talking quickly before looking up at you and chuckling slightly. “Boy you’re really carrying the touch for him aren’t you.”

You looked away finding it hard to meet his gaze, this wasn’t like Sam. He knew about your crush but he never once threw it in your face like he was now.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He almost chuckled again obviously finding your discomfort amusing. You only glared at him. “Too bad, cause Dean, he likes you sure but not in the way you want…I mean maybe as kind of a little sister, but romance…that’s just out of the question. He kind of thinks you’re a schoolgirl, you know?”

You clenched your jaw and turned away from him.

“I’m not trying to hurt you.” He assured you. “I-I’m telling you because I care.”

You looked at him trying to keep tears from so much as pooling in your eyes. You knew that Dean didn’t like you like that but it still hurt. “Well that’s real kind of you Sam.”

“I mean it.” Sam said softly placing his hand over yours causing you to draw your eyebrows together in confusion. “I care about you a lot.”

“What’s going on?” You asked confusion very evident on your face.

“I can be more to you.” Sam answered softly and he held onto your arm tighter as you struggled to pull away.

“I think you should leave Sam.” You said softly afraid of angering him.

Sam watched you for a moment before letting go of your arm allowing you to pull it back towards you. “ok.” And just like that he walked off.

You turned back to the counter and began to wipe it off absent mindedly and your brain struggled to comprehend what had just happened.

Suddenly a large body pushed you into the counter pinning you. You immediately knew who it was “Sam?”

He, however, didn’t answer and instead wrapped his arms around your head.

“SAM STOP!” You exclaimed trying to get out of his hold.

“SAM PLEASE STOP!” You begged as your arm desperately grasped for an empty beer bottle just within your reach.

You mentally sighed in relief when you felt your fingers wrap around the cool glass. You quickly brought the bottle up to meet Sam’s head only his hand stopped you and broke the glass against the counter top instead. He laced his fingers into your hair and you knew what was going to happen. He quickly banged your head against the bar effectively knocking you out.


When you finally came to you found yourself tied up to one of the support beams, your head screaming in agony.

As soon as Sam noticed you were awake he wasted no time in beginning his interrogation. “So what exactly did your mom tell you about how your dad died?”

“You’re not Sam.” Was your only reply as you stubbornly refused to answer.

“Don’t be so sure now answer the question.” Sam said quickly.

You kept your mouth shut and watched as he walked around the beam and sat in front of you.

“Come on its me.” Sam said as he pulled out a large knife waving it in front of your face. “You can tell me anything, you know that. Answer the question.”

You hesitated for a moment. Was this information really worth torture? “Fine.”

“Fine.” Sam said immediately after much like a little kid who always had to have the last word.

“Our dads were in California, some kind of hell spawn.” You started not meeting his gaze. “My dad was bait and your dad was supposed to sit and wait.”

“Just like John.” Sam interrupted. “I bet he dangled Bill like meat on a hook. Then what?”

You clenched your jaw in anger but none-the-less continued “When the thing showed itself your dad revealed himself prematurely. The thing attacked and killed my dad.” You answered shortly.

“Not quite.” Sam almost laughed as he walked around you causing you to furrow your eyebrows.

“What do you mean?” You asked or more like demanded.

“Oh what?” Sam acted as if he never meant for you to hear him but you knew better, this was just another form of torture and frankly you weren’t sure which one hurt worse. “It hurt him, it didn’t kill him.” Sam looked at you to gage your reaction as a smile ghosted across his lips at seeing you confused “You really don’t know the truth do you? Bet your mom doesn’t either. And certainly not Jo.”

You felt yourself getting madder at the mention of your family, who the hell does he think he is?

“You see Bill was all clawed up, he was holding his insides in his hands, praying to see you and Ellen and Jo one more time.”

You felt tears pool in your eyes but didn’t say anything, desperate to know what happened next.

“So my dad…killed him. He put him out of his misery like a sick dog.” Sam laughed as a single tear betrayed you and streamed down your cheek.

“You’re lying.” You spat willing your voice not to crack.

“I’m not it’s true.” Sam assured you. “My daddy shot your daddy in the head.” He sang

“How’d you know?” You asked hoping to gain some info as to what this thing was because it certainly wasn’t Sam.

“I hear things.” He answered quickly again.

“Why are you doing this to me?” You asked still struggling to keep your voice steady.

“Like daddy like daughter. You’re bait. Open up.” Sam commanded as he forced a make-shift gag into your mouth.

You complied not seeing any reason not to-he had already done the damage.

There was a loud bang and suddenly Dean was standing in the bar, a gun pointed at Sam. You watched as Sam’s whole demeanor changed. He almost looked sad as he begged for Dean to kill him.

You furrowed your brows but clocked out of the conversation as a whole. If there was one thing you knew it was that Dean wasn’t going to shoot Sam. However, your attention refocused as you saw Sam hiss and smoke rise from his skin.

“That’s holy water you demonic son-of-a-bitch.” Dean spat as you watched Sam run for the window and jump out of it.

Without a moment of hesitation Dean was by your side quickly untying you before running after his brother. You sunk to the ground and hugged your knees, your body and mind unsure of how to handle this situation.

After mere minutes of sitting in this position you realized what you had to do, help Dean. So you grabbed your flashlight, phone, and gun and hopped out of the window after him calling Dean’s cell.


As you reached Dean’s voicemail for the second time you were beginning to give up, deciding to call one more time when you heard it: Dean’s ringtone.

You followed it only to find Dean laying at the bottom of the Dock. You ran to him turning him over effectively waking him up.


He only grunted in response but that was good enough for you. You helped him stand up, careful to avoid his shoulder that he was favoring and brought him back to the bar prepared to patch him up.


You plopped the bullet into a glass and began reaching for the gauze as Dean began to stand up.

“Hold on, would you give me two minutes to patch you up?”

Dean only glared at you before plopping himself back into the chair allowing you to tape some gauze to his shoulder.

“So where to next?” You asked hoping to earn an answer from him.

“Well Sam’s been going after hunters so that should lead us somewhere.” He answered as you put the last piece of tape on his shoulder.

“Ok let’s go.” You said standing up.

“Whoa what do you think you’re doing?” He asked holding up a hand to stop you.

“Going with you.” You answered simply. “Like it or not I’m involved now.”

“No this is my mess and I’m cleaning it up.” Dean shot back angrily “Now if you follow me I will tie you back to that post myself.”

You clenched your jaw, no way in hell was Dean stopping you. “Come on Dean your hurt and we both know I’m a better shot than you are, hurt shoulder or not.”

“Well we’re not shooting my brother so sadly your skills are not needed.” Dean spat sarcastically trying to get around you.

“But can you guarantee that whatever hunter he’s going after won’t do the same?” You raised an eyebrow doing your best to contain your smirk as you saw Dean hesitate.

“Fine” He finally agreed. “But you stay behind me, I will not have your blood on my hands.”

He didn’t even wait for you to agree before walking out of the door as you followed closely behind.


You sat in the front seat of the impala next to Dean as he tried to call Sam’s number for the third time, however, this time the phone rang before he could click dial.

Dean immediately picked it up and held it to his ear. “Bobby?”


You leaned against the doorframe with your arms crossed as you watched the scene in front of you.

Sam was tied to a chair screaming as Bobby recited an exorcism and Dean sat eye level with him. However, you found yourself unable to keep your eyes off of the mark on his forearm, it felt familiar.

Your eyes widened as you realized what it was “It won’t work.” You whispered to yourself.

“It won’t work” You practically yelled thus catching Bobby and Dean’s attention both of them stopping as Sam smirked at you.

“Clever girl.” Sam remarked chuckling slightly.

“What are you talking about?” Dean questioned.

“the mark.” You gestured to the burn on his arm while Bobby went for it seizing Sam’s arm in his own.

“Balls.” He muttered before throwing Sam’s arm down.

“What?” Dean questioned clearly annoyed that you and Bobby knew something that he didn’t.

“Think of it as a lock.” Bobby began to explain while Sam just laughed. “We can’t get the demon out with it.”

“While how do we stop it?” Dean questioned growing more frustrated by the second.

“You don’t” Sam answered his eyes flashing black for a brief moment before he hung his head low and began muttering Latin.

The fire began to roar and the entire house shook. Dean was by your side in a matter of seconds holding on to you in an attempt to steady you even though he was equally as shaky.

Suddenly the celling cracked thus breaking the devils trap. “That’s better.” Sam smirked before throwing you Dean and bobby in different directions across the room.

Your head hit the wall and for the second time today you were knocked unconscious.


When you came to you saw Sam standing over Dean, a disgusting smirk painted across his lips. You looked around the room and saw Bobby still unconscious on the other side of the room. There was only one thing you could think to do and you sure hoped it worked.

You slowly crept over to the fireplace and grabbed the fire poker slowly making your way back to Sam.

You heard Dean’s screams of pain and picked up the pace, finding yourself standing behind Sam in a matter of seconds. You grabbed his arm and pressed the hot poker to the mark thus forcing the demon out of Sam’s body.

You immediately dropped to the floor, the adrenaline wearing off and in its came an unbearable pain in your head.

You saw spots in your vision, threatening to make you black out. You tried to blink them away but that only made it worse. Instead you began taking slow deep breaths. After a few of those the spots began to subside and your vision came back.

Placed mere inches in front of your face was Sam. He looked down at you with concern and guilt written into every feature of his face.

You involuntarily screamed and pushed away from him, unknowingly pushing yourself right into Dean who didn’t hesitate before wrapping his arms around you.

Sam looked at you, guilt and hurt evident on his face, as you sat in Dean’s arms. You couldn’t help but feel safe in his embrace as you found it easier to breathe.

“Y/N I’m so-“ Sam began but you quickly interrupted him.

“Don’t be it wasn’t you.” You tried to say but your voice cracked several times thus making the words unrecognizable, it was probably for the best for you weren’t entirely sure that you believed them.

“You have to know I didn’t mean it, it wasn’t me.” Sam begged.

“I know it wasn’t Sam.” You answered slowly as Dean’s embrace tightened slightly giving you a greater sense of security. “But you also have to understand that I’ll need some time.”

“Absolutely” Sam said quickly, which reminded you of how the demon would answer your questions. “All of the time you need.”

“I don’t think I can go back.” You whispered more to yourself but Dean’s ears managed to pick up a small piece of it.

“what?” He asked from above you.

“I can’t go back.” You answered louder. “I can’t stop hunting and I definitely can’t keep living on my own.” You admitted with a small voice, you hated admitting weakness but desperate times called for desperate measures.

“You can stay with us.” Dean didn’t hesitate before answering.

You bit your lip and took a quick look in Sam’s direction. “Hey.” Dean said softly pulling your gaze back to him. “We can get a separate room if it makes you uncomfortable.”

You hesitated for a moment, that would be easier but it would also be unfair to Sam. “No that’s ok”

You didn’t miss the small sigh of relief that came from Sam’s lips and it made a smile slightly tug at the corners of your lips. You turned around and looked in Sam’s direction. You swallowed down every fear and thought against him and in two big strides were standing in front of him.

You wrapped your arms around him quickly while whispering “I forgive you.”

Sam hesitated before wrapping his arms softly around you knowing exactly what you had to do in order to allow yourself to do this. “Thank you.”


“Oh, ew, what is that?” you asked, pointing at the decapitated vampire. “Why is it… leaking? I am so going to blog about this,” you said, pulling out your phone.
“Y/N, no,” Dean said, grabbing your phone. “You can’t post any of this online, what’s wrong with you?”
“What? It’s cool! Look at that… that thing,” you said, gesturing to the pile of corpses. “And I mean look at that,” you said, pointing at Sam as he wiped off his blade. “That looks so sick.”


Words: 6,108
Sammy x Reader
Warnings: language
Summary: The Winchesters and Y/N finally start to get some answers about what is happening.
A/N: This is part of a series! Find the other parts on the Master List! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience on this part ya’ll. Last week was the week from hell, and I needed this weekend to try and recharge and catch up. SO THANK YOU for hanging in there! And I know I left you at a terribly mean cliffhanger last time, so this time there isn’t one. I promise. LOVES. MUAH! Hope you like!

Your name: submit What is this?

”Cas, what the hell are you talking about?” Sam urged.

But Cas didn’t answer and only continued staring at you. His eyes were narrowed and you could feel that he was scrutinizing you, looking at you like you were a page of fine print that he was attempting to decipher. You were trying to be brave and not look away from his shockingly blue eyes. You didn’t have to try and hold your eyes with his very long because he suddenly tore his gaze from you and his eyes settled on the doorway to the adjoining room. He breezed past the Winchesters and ignored Dean calling after him. He quickly crossed the threshold and came to rest in front of the spilled rock salt and the dark, rusty smears on the carpet.

”Something just happened here,” he said quietly, bending down to peer at the mess on the floor.

”No shit. What the hell do you think I called you for? Do you know what’s going on?” Dean asked, an edge of irritation making his voice flinty. When Cas didn’t respond Dean raised his voice. “…Cas!”

The angel finally snapped his head over to look at Dean. “Somewhat.”

Sam sighed and walked closer to Castiel and his brother. “That’s really not a good answer. Could you please clue us in about what is going on?” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.

”What did you mean,” they were all surprised when you stood and spoke to the angel, your quiet voice cutting through the tension in the air and drawing their attention back to you, “when you asked how they found me? Should they have been looking for me?”

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