ch: rupert giles

So I’ve been thinking about Buffy this morning (thanks, tumblr) and once again I’m stuck on the fact that the Watchers Council did absolutely nothing to take care of the Slayers. Buffy was okay until she wasn’t because she had a home and a Mom and a support system.

But then there was Faith. A minor. And Giles–who had already shown a deep capacity for caring–left her completely on her own. She had to find shelter (a dingy motel room) and food (remember how she inhaled everything on the table when Buffy invited her to dinner?), and yet she was expected to do everything the Watchers told her to do.

The Watchers had deep pockets. When Buffy told them they needed to pay Giles retroactively, they didn’t flinch. I’m not necessarily saying they should have given the Slayers huge paychecks (that’s another topic, I think) but they left Faith without the basic necessities and still wanted her to daily risk her life. I’m pretty sure they could have afforded a room for her, and some food. They trained her body but didn’t protect or strengthen her body. Think how the narrative would have changed if Faith had trusted the people she was working for.