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What do you think would be the main factor that initiates the boat sex?? Like what would be the build up to it

humm..i think we are already seeing the build up all season..Jon and Dany’s feelings for each other are growing since they met. At first (episode 3) they were intrigued (and a little mad at each other haha), then they start to having respect for each other (episode 4 and 5) and looking at each other with more heart eyes (episode 4 and 5). In episode 6, Dany trusts him enough to break her strong and serious front to be vulnerable with him after losing one of her dragons. She also confides in him her inability to have children and they both end up comforting each other after such a traumatic event; the two of them have a much deeper emotional connection than with any of their past lovers. 

About Jon..well, I never saw him looking at anyone like this..and deff not Ygritte. When he took her hand he couldn’t even be able to let it go..he just wanted her to stay there with him forever..and she felt the intensity of the moment. She then remembered wht Tyrion said about Jon being in love with her..She can’t even try to deny now. Jon made himself obvious and he wanted her to know that he wants to be with her.

With all the parallels from season 1 till now with their characters, they’re actual equals, and both have LITERALLY met their match.

BoatSex will be the definitive act of two people being in love and finally taking that connection to the next level.


“Many people think that all they have to do is to declare their repentance to their Lord, then they will immediately have it easy and be relieved of trouble, and wealth will come to them, and they will live a life of luxury! But none of that is necessarily the case. Rather there is a test and trial of this person’s repentance: is it sincere or not? Is it for the sake of Allāh or not? All of that means he will face a new test. Indeed the purpose and wisdom behind this life is that it is a test and trial.”

— Shaykh Ṣāliḥ al-Munajjid, al-Islām Su'āl wa-Jawāb (103099)