ch: prince maxon

Maxerica Argument
  • Maxon : why would you do this to me, America?
  • America : Maxon, I didn't mean t-
  • Maxon : another lie! Why can't you stop lying, America? This is why I should've chosen Kriss!
  • America : you don't mean that, Maxon, I love you!
  • Maxon : You're a liar! Get out of my house!
  • America : *sighs* Maxon. Calix. Schreave. It was just Monopoly!

So guys, hear me out. 

Nick Bateman as Maxon Schreave. 

1. He gots the muscles

2. He looks hella good in a suit

3. He has a cute dog. Which has nothing to do with Maxon and everything to do with him taking over your heart.

4. He looks good in normal clothes.

5. He has those beautiful brown chocolate eyes.

6. He has a perfect face, body, and soul. 

Can we make him the default Maxon Schreave??? Pretty please?