ch: ponyboy curtis

The gang on a roadtrip

-Darry is driving

-Ponyboy wont stop singing the wheels on the bus

- “god damn it ponybitch we’re not even on a bus”

-Steve has to pee every 5 minutes

-Johnny sleeps the entire time

-Dally has the aux cord and won’t share it

-when they stop for a bathroom break they forget Ponyboy

-they drive for at least 10 minutes before Sodapop is like “oh my god where’s ponyboy”

-Darry immediately turns around while steve and dally can’t stop laughing

-two bit feels bad and buys pony a milkshake

-“are we there yet” “ponyboy I swear to god”

-Dally falls asleep on ponyboy’s shoulder, causing him to complain that he’s being crushed to death in the backseat

-Darry drowns out everyone’s complaints with smooth jazz

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pureoutsiderstrash  asked:

Do you have any Pony and Curly friendship headcanons? ;-; Or Purly headcanons idm tbh

-Curly has walked in on Pony dancing in just his underwear more than he’d like to admit

-Darry is teaching Curly how to cook and Pony is often subjected to eat the food he makes

-Best friend anklets

-Pony likes to play with Curly’s hair bc it pisses him off

-Curly in return will steal Pony’s books and hold them high over his head 

-They share cigarettes a lot

-Not the best friendship but they make it work yknow

darry: pony i don’t think you should come to this rumble


*as soon as the rumble starts*

pony: darry help darry help  darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help  darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help

So, I don’t know how many of you know the story behind this picture, but I thought I’d share it because it’s so funny.

So apparently Patrick ( Darry ) was often placed at the back of the group for photo shoots and such, because he was so tall. Eventually, he got really sick of trying to look over everyone else, and started complaining about it. The photographer wouldn’t put him in the front, and Patrick started to get angry. So Emilio spotted some bricks off to the side of the road, put them in a pile, and told Patrick to stand on them. It worked, and the bricks can still be seen in this photo.

when johnny says “i used to talk about killing myself all the time, man”

who did he have these conversations with?

it wasn’t pony, he’d have written about it in the book, mention it in some way, describe johnny in some darker manner than a “kicked puppy”

it wasn’t soda, he’d mother hen johnny more than he already did

and darry? he’d never let johnny out of his sight.

steve wasn’t fond of pony, and while everyone babied johnny i don’t think they were super close to the point of this kind of confession

dallas was definitely his friend, definitely protective of johnny, but… he was dallas. i doubt he had any deep conversations past slightly drunken confessions and him gruffly admitting stuff about his past. they’re close, and confide in each other, but dallas seems the type to view emotions as weaknesses

but honestly my bet is on two-bit. two-bit was really broken up by johnny’s death and it’s 100% possible that he and johnny had deep conversations about this kind of stuff. two-bit stressing about his mom and his sister while johnny admitted stuff about his parents.

i really feel that not only is two-bit an underrated, over simplified character by the fandom, but that he and johnny were closer than pony knew