ch: phoebe halliwell


30 Day Ship Meme ▏Day 19: A pairing you’ve rooted for since the beginning-> This was a tricky question because I’ve rooted for Delena (The Vampire Diaries), Sculder (The X Files), Chair (Gossip Girl), Sethummer (The OC) and Phole (Charmed) since the beginning but I chose to do this about Phole. Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner from Charmed because they’re a pairing I will always love and that will always make me loathe the writers for ever ruining and not making a perfect pairing be endgame.

“If I’m dead right now, I know it was at your hand. No one else in heaven or hell had power over me. Please don’t cry. I was dead before I met you, I was born the day you loved me, and my love for you willl keep me alive forever.”- Cole Turner to Phoebe Halliwell.


Charmed: Phoebe and Coop

Phoebe:So much has happened over the last 8 years. So much has been gained and lost. Still, in some ways I feel like my life is really just beginning… and it was. For though I had loved before, I’d never really known love until I met Coop. A man who I shared the special little girl I had long ago forseen, but feared I might never have. Along with two other special little girls I had not forseen. I was suddenly so blessed to have a new family of my own, and old friends to share it with. And though I kept working and giving advice to those who asked, I was more interested in helping them find love. Since finally, having been loved.