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A Dude and His Dog [1/10]

I wanted to write a short series about Kuroko and Nigou. It’s based heavily on experiences with my own dog, so I hope you enjoy!


The little cushion that had been set onto the floor next to him was fluffy, just like the towel that had been placed in the cardboard box with him back out on the streets. The fabric clung to his claws and he found himself picking at it incessantly, trying his best to get it to be just the slightest bit more comfortable. A few times he actually had to use his teeth to free his nails from the cushion, growling as it clung to him in protest.

There was a sound next to him, like something hard tapping against the floor. It caught his attention and he looked up just in time to see that kid staring at him, small smile on his face.

“Come here, Nigou.”

He didn’t know who the kid was referring to. What was a Nigou? All he could tell so far was that the kid was holding onto a bowl and, inside, he could smell the familiar scent of something good to eat. Involuntarily, his tail began to wag.

Taking a tentative step forward, he sniffed more at the air, trying to pinpoint exactly what the smell coming from the bowl was. It didn’t seem to be anything he’d encountered before.

“Good boy,” the boy cooed.

It was enough of a noise for him to take a few steps back instead. No matter how delicious that smell could be, he was still wary of the boy standing in front of him. A stranger, though one who had taken him from the shabby little box out on the streets, was still a stranger nonetheless.

There was a look of disappointment on the boy’s face for a moment before he was placing the bowl down on the floor. Finally, he could see what was inside and put a picture to the intoxicating smell.

“Come on, Nigou,” the boy said, his voice softer than before. “You have to eat something. You’re hungry, right?”

Nudging the bowl a few inches away from himself, the boy sat back on his haunches to stare at him. For a few tense seconds, all he could do was stare back into his eyes, wondering the same things over and over. What the heck was a Nigou?

It took a full five minutes for him to finally pluck up enough bravery to take a few more steps forward. Closer to the smell, closer to the boy. It took even longer before he was finally in front of the container, nose practically diving into what was inside. He took one taste and that was it; hook, line, and sinker. He almost couldn’t stop himself in time to breath properly while he devoured every last bit of the food.

“Good job, Nigou.”

And then it clicked. Was he Nigou?

Staring up at the boy who was about ready to get up himself, he licked at the remnants of food on his fur. If this kid would continue giving him delicious things like this, he wouldn’t mind being a Nigou. Hell, he wouldn’t mind being anything for the boy.