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Do you have any headcanons regarding Kagami and Nigou? You can bet your ass Kuroko is taking his baby with him if the two ever move in together.

Well, the thing is, Nigou – much like his owner – kinda moves in before he moves in.

By the end of their second year, Kuroko has been staying over at Kagami’s place so often that a portion of his things have simply migrated into Kagami’s apartment somewhere along the way.

He’s got his own drawer where he keeps some spare clothes for sleepovers, a few books he forgot during various visits and now just reads whenever he comes around again, some basketball supplies, and Kagami has reorganized most of his kitchen so Kuroko won’t have to look for a stepladder every time he wants to go grab a mug.

That same process sees Nigou getting a designated sleeping mat in a quiet corner of the living room, and there’s a bunch of squeaky toys Kagami has stepped on barefoot way too many times in the mornings despite the fact that he put them all away last night, and Kagami never thought he’d stand around in the konbini trying to figure out which brand of kibbles is the most nutritious for a growing puppy, but there you go.

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