ch: moon of my life

“I had planned to be a senator when I grew up. And I might still do that at one point. Whatever! And it [interning at the White House] was really unbelievably boring. And I sort of had a panic attack when I was there and I thought, “Oh my god, I can’t - I cannot do this for the rest of my life. I have to find something else to do.” And that’s basically when I started acting. So this is my fallback plan. This was my kind of emergency stop-gap measure until I found something meaningful to do and I’ve been sidetracked ever since. But, um, yeah, it was kind of a big deal for me because I was on this track: I was going to go to law school and be a contributing member of society and I’ve given all that up.“ [x]


The first time I went out there (L.A) was when it was pilot season and I vowed never to do it again.  I realized that so much of it is so mediocre and I think you get a lot of British actors who decide for some reason that America is the holy grail and that they’re going to do whatever it takes to make it there. I’m like- why would you leave any sense of integrity working here to work in America? It doesn’t make any sense to me...


Yes, it did appeal to me to have a character who isn’t in the least vain. As an actor, your own personal vanity can be a massive pitfall in terms of making a character believable. I feel more in this character to have my shoulders hunched and be in tattered clothes and have my hair knotted than I do when I’m dolled up.

I have so many feels

I’m still high off of watching the first season of Game of Thrones. Drogo and Daenerys are my new OTP, which sucks. Why did he have to die? AND WHY ARE THERE BARELY ANY FANFICS ABOUT THEM. Seriously there’s only like 30 out there and they are mostly one shots or they haven’t been updated for years. I’m dying inside.