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I bet Momoi gets harassed a lot. And Aomine always manages to be there at the right moment. And once he’s chased all the shitlord guys away he never reprimands her for her appearance or her attitude. Because he knows that its not her fault, and he’s always so angry at guys who treat her that way. And always so angry they make her cry and feel threatened. 

protective!Aomine is a thing that I loveeeeeeee

This is like my first comic I’ve ever done wow these two are sO IMPORTANT

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✿ and ■ for Aomine, Kise and momoi?

TBH I was expecting more requests for quirks/hobbies hc but there are so many NSFW lol but it’s okay

✿ - Sex headcanon


  • I forgot if I mentioned this before, but I believe he’s not a sex god, okay. He’s a high school brat. If it’s his first time, he’s going to be awkward, slightly apologetic or worrying, before he gets so into it that he forgets all of those. It’s going to be vanilla as heck with a lot of preparations to make sure he doesn’t fuck up. BUT the first time sex serves as something akin to a video game tutorial in his brain: now that he’s gone through it and knows the basic, he’s going to explore the heck out of you. So he’s going to learn how to do things, and it might be commonly accepted to say that he learns fast about physical things…
  • He used to jack off to Horikita Mai, right? If he has you, welp, not so much. The magazines and videos are merely secondary resources that he utilizes only when you’re not around for some time. He feels scared because he isn’t as aroused by any of those things anymore compared to before he met you, and instead his mind replaces them with you. 


  • LOUD AF but we’re talking about Anime!Kise of course. He’ll pant, groan, moan, whine, sigh, you name it—and he takes pleasure in doing it with his lips right next to your ear so you can hear whatever sound he’s emitting over the loud repeated slaps of skin against skin. If somehow you did something to awaken the beast (wrong fandom oops), and by beast I mean Manga!Kise, he won’t make as many noises, but he will dirty talk. His mouth is absolutely filthy.
  • His mind is absolutely filthy as well, as he has so many things he wants to try out with you. Considering his busy schedule, he’ll spend most of his week apart from you (unless you are staying together), and he needs something to masturbate to so that when he comes back to you, it’s not always senseless fucking. Kise wants to film the two of you doing it for his alone time material, but can’t because of his public reputation. The two of you settle on phone sex. He’ll probably ask you to record your voice while you touch yourself until you cum.


  • Okay but imagine like university student Momoi with a female best friend and Momoi thinks she’s straight but got confused at one point, so this best friend helps her explore her sexuality and body? I’m trying to say that at one point in her life Momoi probably will fuck at least one girl lmao They spend their weekends unwinding from their busy studies and sometimes things get hot and it turns into a sexcapade. At this point, whether or not Momoi is sure about her sexual orientation is up to you to imagine, really.
  • She gets picked up a lot at bars and clubs and stuff obviously because of her assets, but having experienced that a lot she knows how to see through people. Approach her with friendly intent, keep the sexual part toned down, engage her in intelligent conversation and let her shine. After she gets comfortable with a drink or two, slowly amp your charm up and create that tension. Watch her as she presses her thighs together at your witty comebacks and your meaningful smile. You can try to touch her in non-sexual places and see her reaction—if she’s feeling it, she will touch back. When you feel like the time is right, go in for a kiss and ask her with your eyes. She’ll look back at you with half-lidded, very inviting eyes. 

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon


  • He’s messy, who are you kidding, but at least his room is still habitable. Has that one chair with all the clothes. Don’t worry, he puts all his laundry in the hamper, but who knows when he’s gonna do them. I’m not saying that he’s living inadequately; Aomine knows how to take care of himself, it’s just that things can get quite hectic without someone Satsuki lmao reminding him to “please just clean up you room, Daiki”.
  • Totally has a blue-themed bedroom!! With like NBA posters and basketball related decorations. At one point when he was younger he probably had a basketball hoop hung somewhere and would practice making shots from different sides of the room hahaha hides his gravure mags among the pile of Playstation games
  • Actually likes rearranging the stuff in his room when he’s extra bored


  • He’s somewhere in between Aomine and, say, Midorima: not the neatest, but nowhere near a near-slob. He probably leaves stationery and bobby pins all over the place, which is sometimes a bother to tidy up, but Kise’s most-hated house chore is probably dusting. Nobody likes dust, but he hates it so much. It makes him sneeze, it dirties his skin, ugh. Because it’s also a hassle to always wash his face after dusting, he puts on special gear like idk a motorcycle helmet and a mask or something. 
  • His bathroom is THE BOmBbBbB
  • Probably goes overboard with room decoration. His sisters are no help, they’re extra like him too lmao so picture some glow in the dark elements, a very instagrammable wall with a collage of pictures/things he likes, a nice and super organized vanity with the O-ring light… it’s gorgeous.


  • You ever heard someone say how your house/room looks like reflects how your life is like? E.g. messy rooms equals to messy life? Well Momoi is someone who fits that saying perfectly. You can totally tell how she’s feeling through the condition of her house. Every time she goes through a break-up or a fight, it would be neglected, though luckily for her it doesn’t reach a disaster level. When it’s super neat, it’s either she’s trying to distract herself from stress or she’s in a really good mood.
  • The kitchen is always slightly haphazard.
  • Loves pastel colors and applies them in her bedroom! It’s amazing to feel that you are always color-coordinated with your room thanks to your pink hair. Momoi owns several plushies that she likes to keep near her when she sleeps. Also lots of fluffy stuff—pillows, blankets, dolls, you name it. There are plants here and there that she takes care of occasionally.
  • Probably super jealous of Kise’s room bc of the O-ring vanity haha 

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can you write something fluffy for AkaMomo in high school setting pls?

She had found herself flipping through her old middle school yearbooks a lot, viewing past pictures of friends and acquaintances she had left behind. There were many that she still kept in touch with and many more that she’d lost all connection with. As she turned the pages, going down memory lane with each picture she recognized, she found her eyes lingering on a certain individual.

Only thing was, it wasn’t the individual she often found herself searching for.

Momoi remembered a time when she used to go out of her way to find Kuroko and this much was evident in the fact that her yearbook was littered with pictures of the two of them together. If she was in a photograph, it was almost certain that he was trapped within her grasps. It was strange to her that her eyes suddenly seemed more attracted to shades of red rather than blue.

She didn’t know when she started searching for Akashi through her yearbook, only that he didn’t take many pictures. For someone who had been so involved with both sports and school, he was easily the least photographed of all her friends. Maybe it had been on purpose. Still, it was enough to have Momoi flipping through every page she’d already been through just to catch a glimpse of that head of red hair. It was the interruption of her cell phone ringing that finally got her to stop scanning every page.

“Satsuki.” Speak of the devil. “If you’re ready, I’m outside waiting.”

“O-Oh, yeah! I’ll be out in a second.”

Standing from her bed, Momoi used the palms of her hands to flatten out any wrinkles that had formed in her clothes. One last glance in the mirror and a nod of approval were needed before she could leave her room.

It had been only a few days since she’d decided to call Akashi for old time’s sake, wondering if he’d like to hang out some time. When he’d asked if Aomine was the one who wanted the get together and she’d told him he hadn’t a clue about it, there was a certain pulse of excitement in her heart. She’d been the one who wanted to meet him alone.

“Satsuki,” he greeted the second she stepped out of her front door. There was a single flower in his hand. “This is for you.”

She couldn’t help but notice how the limousine that normally followed him around as if it were on a leash was not present. In fact, it seemed to be that the two of them would be completely alone together on this excursion to wherever it was they wanted to go.

It was just the way she wanted it to be.

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Can I have Momoi and her gf preparing Christmas dinner please, fluff and sfw but with light suggestiveness, if that's okay

Yes that is definitely okay

“I don’t think they would like their sweet potato with… beans…” you trail off, watching as your girlfriend loads the dish with said vegetable. She looks at you, eyes wide and innocent. Momoi stands by while you take out the beans and insert other more favorable ingredients, like cinnamon and brown sugar. “It’s more traditional this way,” you try to explain, “and I’m sure your friend from the States likes it like this, too.”

Momoi’s lips are in the shape of a small ‘o’ at the mention of Kagami, whom you will meet later tonight, and she nods in comprehension.

“___________-chan really knows a lot about cooking,” she comments, busying herself by cutting up tomatoes and spinach. You feel slightly guilty for dampening a little bit of her cheer—you really don’t want to offend her by telling her the atrociousness of her cooking outright, and on the other hand there are so many guests coming over later—and it makes you think of ways to compensate for you taking a little bit of control in the kitchen.

“Not really,” you reply, “I just follow what’s in the recipe. Maybe you can help me out?” She perks up and is at your side in a second, waiting for instructions. You give her a peck on the lips just for being really cute. She giggles.

“There’s a piece of paper with ingredients for the glazed ham,” you gesture towards the island, “could you prep them for me, please?”

“Yes ma’am,” she replies playfully, walking over to where the recipe is. Momoi is intelligent, you note mentally, but the problem is she enjoys experimenting with things that are unconventional, to say the least. She can follow a set of instructions just fine.

“So, your friends,” you begin, “they’re the ones from middle school, right?”

“Yep!” She answers, currently glazing the chunk of meat. Suddenly you feel nervous.

“When you told them about me, do they—are they… uh, okay with it?”

“With what?”

“With us,” you blurt, “girls liking each other.” She only smiles back, setting the bowl on the island before sauntering over to you.

“Well, I think they are,” she says, a reassuring hand resting on your forearm. You have also stopped stuffing the sweet potatoes. “Aomine—you know him—and a bunch of other guys blushed red when I told them about us, though.” You give her a face which she laughs at as you inadvertently think about the kind of… entertainment some of her friends consume. “But they’re all really well-mannered, I assure you! Especially Akashi. Oh, except Aomine, too.”

You laugh, offering her another kiss before continuing with your sweet potatoes. Momoi hasn’t let go of your arm yet, but you think she’s only watching as you put in some marshmallow and cinnamon. If only you’d look up, you will catch something burning in her eyes.

“___________-chan,” she begins, and there is something in her voice that alerts you, “how long do you think we need to finish cooking the ham?”

“I don’t know,” you shrug, focused with your own task at hand, “probably two hours? We need to roast it first, but it’s not that heavy, so it shouldn’t take long.”

When Momoi detaches herself from you and goes over to put the ham in the oven silently, you feel that something is wrong. After the sound of a few buttons pressing and the oven roaring to life, though, she’s back by your side again, but this time much closer.

“Mmm, now that I’ve put it in, I don’t think I have much to do.” Her tone is much too playful, and for a second you think she is going to pull some sort of weird and messy kitchen prank.

“We haven’t made dessert,” you offer before turning to look at her, only to have your heart skipping a beat. She has a sweet smile on her face that you know better, her nails slowly raking down your arm and a hand coming to cup your jaw. You’re being pulled in closer, both literally and figuratively. You can smell her perfume and find yourself dizzied by something more than affectionate. She whispers.

“I’d rather have dessert.”

Hungry [Momoi Satsuki]

This is something that came to mind one day. Hope you enjoy? Uh, CW: mentions of eating disorder.

Standing shirtless in front of her mirror, she can’t help but notice all the flaws. Every piece of imperfection marring her body, standing out like a beacon that begged to be stared at. From the extra bits of hair to the little spatter of freckles, her eyes can’t help but focus on everything she hated about herself.

Today it’s the fat, the little extra bits on her arms and stomach that protrude a little more than she would ever be okay with — it’s even on her thighs! A pudgy body riddled in stretch marks that document growing up too fast for her figure to handle. They are an ugly reminder that she isn’t as thin as she could be. She isn’t as thin as she wants. Her fingers pinch at the excess of skin, disappointed and disgusted by how much she can grab between her fingers.

Her stomach rumbles and, for a brief moment, she forgets about the self-hatred in favor for the intense hunger and nausea that always follows. Her ears don’t even register the sound of a wrapper crinkling until she’s already stuffed half the granola bar down her throat, greedily swallowing like a starved animal. It isn’t enough, so she goes for the second one she keeps in her bag for such an occasion. It’s devoured just as fast as the first.

The introduction of food has her stomach turning sour, just as predicted. It twists and turns, cramping a little as the first pieces of sustenance in well over a dozen hours starts to digest. She immediately comes to the conclusion that this isn’t a good feeling and it must be removed.

Her first instinct is to make a beeline for the bathroom, the remnants of little chocolate pieces from her snack still stuck to her lips. The smell of bleach and tile cleaner hits her like a tidal wave the moment she opens the door, knocking some semblance of sense into her. She pauses in the threshold.

Just the sight of the toilet has her stomach doing turns. She can feel the beginnings of a heave in the back of her throat and, closing the door behind her, she drops to her knees in front of the porcelain. Her stomach is begging her to stop — it’s hungry and she keeps depriving it of any nutrition — but she already has two fingers on her lips.

She’s interrupted by the sudden ring of her cellphone; she’d forgotten it was in her pocket. Fishing it out, she notices the name on the screen and contemplates ignoring it altogether.

She answers on the fourth ring.

“Dai-chan? Is everything okay?”


Aomine’s voice on the other end of the line is distracted and she can hear other voices in the background. Trying to hear them better, she picks out a few words and recognizes the people there — Imayoshi and Susa chatting, Sakurai apologizing for one thing or another, Wakamatsu telling Aomine what to say.

“We were going out to eat today,” Aomine continues, pausing momentarily to tell Wakamatsu to back off and let him talk. “You’re coming.”

It wasn’t a question; it was an order. Honestly, she had never expected him to ask in the first place, so it didn’t come as a surprise when he more or less told her what she would be doing. Still, remembering the way her skin pulled away from her body in stretches of fat, she tried to find a way out of it.

“I’m not very hungry,” she lied, then to be more convincing she added. “And I’ve got no money.”

“I’ll pay.” It was another statement, not a question. Aomine really was leaving no room for argument. “Be ready in ten; I’m coming to get you.” Then he hung up.

Ten minutes was not enough time for her to do what she needed, even if she forced herself. Frown deepening at the corners of her lips, she stood from the tiled floor and stared down at the toilet, no longer finding that her throat automatically heaved at the sight of it. Despite the feeling that she should have tried anyway, Momoi walked away from the bathroom. She got three steps away before she paused once more, looking back through the open door. She wanted to walk back in, wanted to sink down to her knees, and wanted to rid herself of everything. Ten minutes was not enough time.

As she made her way back to her room, in lieu of all her thoughts, she couldn’t help but notice her stomach did not feel as nauseous as it once did before.

It was a feeling she hoped to get used to.