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I bet Momoi gets harassed a lot. And Aomine always manages to be there at the right moment. And once he’s chased all the shitlord guys away he never reprimands her for her appearance or her attitude. Because he knows that its not her fault, and he’s always so angry at guys who treat her that way. And always so angry they make her cry and feel threatened. 

protective!Aomine is a thing that I loveeeeeeee

This is like my first comic I’ve ever done wow these two are sO IMPORTANT

Crazy, stupid love


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“I don’t know, (y/n).” Momoi shook her head, trailing her finger over the glass on the table. “Your life is so PG-13.”

“My life is not PG-13!” you snapped, your eyes widening.

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Pairing: Akashi/Momoi
Theme: hickeys

“Ehh? Momocchi, what are those on your neck?”

“Hah? Satsuki, you playin’ violin again or somethin’?”

Cheeks to match her hair, a palm came up to press to her neck as both Kise and Aomine peered at her neck. Momoi’s other arm held the clip board to her chest, light blue sweater zipped to mid-chest.

“I-it’s nothing!” she insisted, words stuttered a bit as she tried to take a step back. “Go practice!”

Pink eyes were quick to catch sight of the red haired boy that soon entered the gym, glaring and removing the hand from her neck to wave him over. He held up a finger and she was annoyed that she had no choice but to wait and huffed, stalking out to wait by the lockers until he had his team running laps in the gym.

“Yes, Satsuki?”

“You left a mark!” she snapped immediately, pulling her collar aside to show the full extent of dark bruises trailed down her neck. “I told you not to!”

Akashi blinked and reached a hand out, fingertips touching to them.


“‘Ah’?! That’s all you have to say?! Aomine-kun and Ki-chan noticed!!”

“Of course Ryota would… Daiki, on the other hand…”

“Aomine-kun though I was practicing violin.”

“Makes sense.”

She shook her head, pink strands of hair nearly whipping with the speed. “I told you not to leave any!”

“Why not?” he asked.

And before she could retort with an answer to his question, he’d stepped forward and she was against the wall, eyes wide and a bit breathless from the proximity. She watched Akashi’s hand reach towards her and twirl a pink strand of hair around his finger, playing with the tendril for a moment.

“You’re mine, Satsuki.”

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Momoi telling Nijimura that she has someone she's interested in (not Kuroko xD) and Nijimura's overprotective-father side is activated!

Nijimura hated dealing with the rainbow freaks, he really did.

But it’d kind of become his thing, and he wasn’t sure what he’d do if he wasn’t worrying over them like some sort of mother hen.

So when Momoi told him that there was someone she liked (not Kuroko, which he found interesting), he felt his strange parental instincts come over him once more. He could feel his transformation into a full-blown dad beginning. 

The next day, he somehow gets the rainbows together (a real miracle) and tells them that if any one of them is the one that Momoi’s interested in, he’ll shoot them on the spot. It works the same the other way around, he says - none of them are ever allowed to have dates. Kise awkwardly raises his hand, presumably to say something about how he’s already had a date, but puts it down again. That shotgun (why does he have a shotgun?) looks pretty menacing.

Momoi walks in on this hell of a spectacle, and Nijimura points the gun at her, telling her she’s not allowed to date. Ever. As their basically adopted father, he lets them get away with practically anything. 

Just as long as they don’t date.

Papa!Nijimura fades away for some time after this