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Anime Recommendation: Stein’s;Gate

Here’s another time-travel anime recommendation! It’s about the Mad Scientist, aka a college student called Okabe Rintarou. But, he likes to go by the name Hououin Kyouma!

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Yeah, he’s what’s called a chuunibyo (like Tanaka from Danganronpa). He’s convinced he’s been tailed by a secret organisation, who want his secret inventions. His latest invention he’s been working on with the “Supa Hakka” Daru, and his childhood friend Mayuri, is a time machine made from a microwave!

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So far it had only managed to gellify bananas, but after girl genius Makise Kurisu, joins their group, the project really takes off. And a certain group of people start taking notice of it. There’s a deeper story behind the chain of events that follow after Makise joins the group and Okabe must use his microwave time machine to ensure that the worse doesn’t happen, and he can keep the people most precious people from a terrible fate.

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This story is a slow-burn, and it takes a while for things to really pick up, but I promise if you stick with it while it’s establishing the characters and the science behind the time-travel elements, you won’t regret it. This story really shines in its later half, and it’s gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking to watch all of the struggles Okabe goes through. I really love this anime.

Here’s the opening: