ch: matty mckibben

Los dos hemos cometido errores, la he cagado más de una vez, y puedo decir que lo has superado, pero la cosa es que te amo. Simplemente lo hago. Y no es algo que pueda decidir hacer o decidir no hacer. Siempre te he amado, y siempre te amare.
—  Awkward

“Jenna, lo so che sono successe molte cose fra di noi.
Abbiamo fatto degli errori,ho fatto diversi casini e a quanto pare ti sei buttata tutto alle spalle, ma il fatto è che..
Ti amo
È così. Ed è qualcosa che non posso decidere di fare o non fare.
È come respirare per me.
È sempre stato così e sempre lo sarà.”

Lasciatemi piangere in pace ❤️:’)


“It wasn’t like I was obsessing, or that I’d counted the 7 times I’d caught Matty looking at me since school started… 8 if you counted the time I whipped out on the quesadilla. And I did. It counted.”


Can we just talk about this scene?

“I broke her heart?” We all know that Jenna cheated on Matty last season and she has messed up a lot. But when she does, she tries to make up for it. She has always, always been there for Matty when he needed her. And she didn’t use him the way he used her. He used her for sex, for help on his college essay and as someone to confide in and then he pushed her away. 

Jenna was the one that found his biological dad and wanted to share the experience with him. Not in the hopes that he might get back together with her (even though she clearly still has feelings for him), but because she wanted to. And then Gabby took her spot. The least he could have done was still include her in the meeting of his father. And if Gabby doesn’t like it, then don’t let the door hit you on your way out. So yes, Matty repeatedly broke Jenna’s heart. Not just romantically, but as a friend too.