ch: lydia martin

Imagine Stiles being the best daddy ever. Like whatever it is, he will do it. He will take Lydia and Claudia to the mall to shop, he’ll let Claudia paint his fingernails, he lets Lydia and Claudia give him a make over, he will watch the Little Mermaid a thousand times. It doesn’t matter because he loves to make his little one happy.


“Lydia will always be apart of Stiles. He will always love Lydia, she’s like his love. She’s so dear to him. And i think that he’s the kind of person that hold’s onto that. Even if he does move on, he will always love her. No matter what.” -Dylan O'Brien talks about Stiles and Lydia’s relationship.

The Third Door Surprise

Fic Request: Lydia gets jealous that Maila took Stiles’s virginity but Lydia want to show him that she better at IT then her. Stiles tell Lydia that she was ALOT better then Maila

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut, Romance, Jealous!Lydia, Jealous!Stiles

Author: niggletsune

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