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So what did you think of the controversial Luke calling Danny a privileged rice white boy scene?

okay so

  • I don’t blame luke for having gone there because I understand where he comes from and he doesn’t know this guy and it’s a conclusion that would come automatically from his side of the bargain
  • however danny hadn’t known that kid came from a troubled situation and like… he had seen someone committing a crime and just grabbed the first person of the cleaning crew like how was he supposed to know it was just someone doing grunt work
  • also like the kid was still committing a crime again how the hell was he supposed to know and anyway he wasn’t going to kill him so… he wasn’t doing that out of feeling entitled or anything he just wanted to find out wtf was going on?? and the guy had his face covered like honestly how would he know
  • also tbh he didn’t deserve that because I mean okay it’s objective that danny has technical privilege over a kid from harlem who had to take illegal jobs to go on, but idk I mean spending fifteen years in a at least somewhat abusive situation (I mean k’un-lun looks better than the hand but if you come out of somewhere thinking you’re a weapon it’s not fucking healthy) after almost dying and watching your parents die and losing all your family and all the shit that went down in IF where he got manipulated to hell and back by his other father figure who turned out to be BEHIND HIS PARENTS’S DEATH never mind the shitstorm with joy and never mind that he obviously has ptsd doesn’t scream PRIVILEGE DUDE WITHOUT PROBLEMS TO ME
  • honestly the ‘he’s in prison and not you’ thing made no sense because… no shit luke the kid was on a crime scene and was cleaning up corpses I mean if he hadn’t been black he’d be in jail anyway and it’s not like they got both him and danny and released danny but kept him - they didn’t catch danny at all and they didn’t catch him either so… like… I get luke was unloading on danny but come on it was hardly deserved
  • seems to me like danny understood the basic point of it and took the criticism for what it was worth so I mean wow such spoiled such privileged he didn’t even consider that there might be truth in what luke was saying!!1!!! /sarcasm
  • tldr I thought it was a good scene and I liked what it did for the character development but it was v. uncalled for in that situation (and tbh it shows because seems to me like luke and danny became friends later sooooo) and like okay sorry danny didn’t deserve that thank you because I mean he might be technically all of that but he’s also not an asshole and he actually like does what tumblr always preaches about ie using his privilege for good so like pls lay off the guy thanks

/two cents