ch: lucy heartfilia

attempted to draw some pacific rim! nalu stuff. It ended up looking a little too much like… fantasy monster slayers or something? But we can just… pretend for now.

I kind of had this idea that like the main dude from pacific rim, natsu lost his partner (lisanna) in a tragic battle. and ever since he’s been traumatized, afraid he won’t be able to protect the people he cares about. and he doesn’t want anyone else in his head to experience that or take that experience away from him. 

though with the imminent threat of human destruction on the horizon he ends up teaming up with Lucy who seems a little soft around the edges. But she manages to weasel his way into his heart faster than he would have liked and they become an unstoppable duo >:3

it’s really cold out today so I decided to listen to my favorite movie soundtrack like I always do in the fall (since it seriously feels like it is). can you guess what that soundtrack is haha


Quick reaction sketch of Fairy Tail Chapter 386:

Comments on the first row: I love how badass Lucy was in the previous chapters but I’m so excited to see four of my top five favorite characters getting a chance to be badass. (especially Juvia, I am so bias for Juvia. I mean how cool is it that Juvia is going to fight that weird guy that Gray was fighting before. Also think of all the fucking possible Gruvia

Comments on the second row: Everyone is convinced that Silver is Gray’s father. Once Gray and Silver hug it out Silver can read Gray’s spin-off to see what the hell his son been doing. (Aren’t we all excited for Gray’s Jesus years?) However, I don’t think Silver is Gray’s father. I think the next part of the tantouros (it’s late, don’t make me look up proper spelling) is called father and son and is going to touch on igneel and natsu since Igneel failed to destory E.N.D.