ch: louise belcher

Here’s some fan art of Logan and Louise from Bob’s Burgers!

The original artist asked me to link their new Tumblr page when I posted it so….

I will also be linking the original DevArt page as well.



Sorry I haven’t gotten these done as fast as I hoped I would! Work just kept piling on this week, ugh. Also, kisses are hard.

Anyway, um. Louigan. They’re the kind of ship I love; I can’t help it. I love that sort of dynamic. Of course as it is in the show it’s pretty weird, since she’s just 9 and he’s 14… or 15… or something like that. But when you’re both adults, the age difference is not THAT much. Just wait til they grow up, is what I’m saying. :P Sparks will fly. 

About Louise’s hair: this thought came to me one day and just won’t quit. It’s that the reason Louise is so insecure about having her hair uncovered is because she has a birthmark that leaves a lock of it white. Someone probably made fun of it once, and yeah…  I’m definitely overanalyzing this, but like I said, it just won’t quit. Speaking of overanalyzing.. don’t think too hard about their tattoos; they most likely didn’t either. ;)

Random adult Louise headcanon: She goes to either Princeton or Rutgers for business administration. *coughwhenshe'snothelpingherdaddyintherestaurant*


The Walking TED-dy Burger- made with 100% real zomBEEF.  WARNING: It will bite back

Animation Re-Animation

“The Walking Dead” premiere Oct 12th and “Bob’s Burger’s” fall premiere Oct 5th…  So of course I had to do another mashup.  This time Gene as Glenn; Teddy as Well Walker; Bob as Rick; Linda as Lori; Louise as Daryl; Mr. Fischoeder as The Governor; etc.  

Yes… those are cheese burgers coming out of Teddy.

And there were a couple comments where Tina is in all of this, so here’s my first BB TWD drawing I did more than a year ago: