ch: lord voldemort

problematic fave yet again

  • English ☩ Tom Marvolo Riddle ☩ I Am Lord Voldemort
  • French ☩ Tom Elvis Jedusor ☩ Je Suis Voldemort
  • Romanian ☩ Tomas Dorlent Cruplud ☩ Sunt Lordul Cap-De-Mort
  • German ☩ Tom Vorlost Riddle ☩ Ist Lord Voldemort
  • Japanese ☩ トム・リドル (Tomu Ridoru) ☩ 私はヴォルデモートです
  • Bulgarian ☩ Том Мерсволуко Риддъл ☩ Тук съм и Лорд Волдемор
  • Belarusian ☩ Том Вальдор Рэдл ☩ Лорд Волдеморт
  • Catalan ☩ Tod Morvosc Rodlel ☩ Sóc Lord Voldemort
  • Chinese ☩ 汤姆·马沃罗·里德尔 ☩ 佛地魔
  • Czech ☩ Tom Rojvol Raddle ☩ Já Lord Voldemort
  • Danish ☩ Romeo G Detlev Jr ☩ Jeg Er Voldemort
  • Dutch ☩ Marten Asmodom Vilijn ☩ Mijn Naam Is Voldemort
  • Esperanto ☩ Tom Vlades Mistero ☩ Mi Estas Voldemort
  • Estonian ☩ Tom Marvolon Riddle ☩ Mina, Lord Voldemort
  • Finnish ☩ Tom Lomen Valedro ☩ Ma Olen Voldemort
  • Greek ☩ Άντον Μόρβολ Χερτ ☩ Αρχων Βολντεμορτ
  • Hebrew ☩ טום ואנדרולו רידל ☩ אני לורד וולדמורט
  • Hungarian ☩ Tom Rowle Denem ☩ Nevem Voldemort
  • Icelandic ☩ Trevor Delgome ☩ Eg Er Voldemort
  • Italian ☩ Tom Orvoloson Riddle ☩ Son Io Lord Voldemort
  • Latin ☩ Tom Musvox Ruddle ☩ Sum Dux Voldemort
  • Lithuanian ☩ Tomas Malvoras Ridilis ☩ Aš Esu L. Voldemortas
  • Norwegian ☩ Tom Dredolo Venster ☩ Voldemort Den Store
  • Polish ☩ Tom Marvolo Riddle ☩ Jestem Lord Voldemort
  • Portuguese ☩ Tom Servolo Riddle ☩ Eis Lord Voldemort
  • Russian ☩ Том Марволо Реддл ☩ лорд Волан-де-Морт
  • Serbian ☩ Tom Mervolodomos Ridl ☩ To Smo Mi Lord Voldemor
  • Slovak ☩ Tom Marvoloso Riddle ☩ A Som I Lord Voldemort
  • Slovenian ☩ Mark Neelstin ☩ Mrlakenstein
  • Spanish ☩ Tom Sorvolo Ryddle ☩ Soy Lord Voldemort
  • Swedish ☩ Tom Gus Mervolo Dolder ☩ Ego Sum Lord Voldemort
  • Turkish ☩ Tom Marvoldo Riddle ☩ Adim Lord Voldemort
  • Indonesian ☩ Tom Marvolo Riddle ☩ Akulah Lord Voldemort
  • Ukrainian ☩ Том Ярволод Редл ☩ Я Лорд Волдеморт

“why yes, I did just write in my Harry Potter books, thank you for asking,” part one — Grindeldore trash, Horcruxes, unresolved Tom Riddle questions, Sirius and his PTSD, the body/soul dichotomy, and (oh wow what a shock) sooooo much Barty Fucking Crouch Jr. because solvola encouraged a thing I would’ve done anyway

Voldemort going to Starbucks not knowing whether to put his name as ‘Voldemort’ or 'Tom Riddle’ and ends up going with 'the one who would not be named.’

Voldemort refusing to buy fluffy girly drinks because he is the dark lord but makes an exception for the pumpkin spice latte because HAVE YOU EVEN TASTED IT YET LUCIUS

Voldemort trying to get all the death eaters to try the latte while its still being sold

Voldemort convincing Bellatrix to go with him to Starbucks because “Harry Potter will be at Hogwarts all year, the pumpkin spice latte will ONLY BE HERE FOR A SHORT TIME”

Voldemort being the most regular customer at Starbucks but the baristas still always write 'Tim Riddle’ instead of 'Tom Riddle’

Voldemort at Starbucks