ch: loki

Born to be a king.

Loki: Delusor [World Cosplay]

Photography:  Mistiqarts  [World Cosplay]
Retouch: Borivoje Naumovski [AVATAR.designs]

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TITLE: The Newest Adventure


AUTHOR: Thenewmrsweasley

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki calling Frigga for advice when he find out he’s about to become a father


NOTES/WARNINGS: Little bit of fluff

“Loki, what a wonderful surprise.” Frigga always had a soft spot for her misunderstood son, even when it was revealed that he was actually adopted and not her own it did not change how she felt or treated him. “We rarely see you on Asgard these days, what brings you?”

Striding forward and wrapping his arms tightly around his mother Loki sighed into her. “I came for help.”

“Is everything alright? You’re not hurt? Your wife?”

The questions flew left and right as Loki simply chuckled and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “We are all fine, I meant help as in advice.”

“Let us find somewhere comfortable to sit then.”

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