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I’ve always been okay that my favourites are unpopular or disliked. Maybe I’m just lucky but the people who dislike my favourites have always been cool about it. to each his own and all that. Yet, I’m appalled by how intense hatedoms can be in this fandom, despite the heavy grey&grey morality in effect. I’ve especially felt unsafe because my favourite character is Loghain, because of his hatedom being unable to accept him having good qualities evidently. I’ve even been bullied because I like him

Hey I should talk about that fun bug I got doing the Landsmeet

So, I go into the Landsmeet as normal, give some great arguments as to why Loghain sucks, have a duel with him, beat him and then… he puts his sword away and calmly walks to the front of the hall, now non hostile, and I’m left to wander round the Landsmeet chamber.

When I click on Loghain he just goes into companion dialogue

and when I click on the other nobles they just start acting like they’re still in the tavern

But like, I can’t get out of the dueling space, because there’s invisible walls around me. Until I try to talk to Eamon.

Eamon? You there? Anyway, talking to him teleported me to the back of the hall, where Alistair was standing alone.

From here I can run round the rest of the Landsmeet chamber (other then the dueling square), have a chat with my companions and steal from the nobles, all of whom have things on them, even though half of them only really appear in cutscenes (most of them had spirit shards and amythests. One had a large clear spirit crystal).

I was having a great time, until it turned out that Vaughan was there, even though I’d killed him in my Origin story (anyone know if he turns up if you kill him/don’t free him in Rescue the Queen?) I clicked on him and??? he snored?? he snored for several seconds??? I have so many questions. why is he alive, why is he here, why is he asleep, why can’t I kill him again?

Also it turns out, not all the nobles in the Landsmeet chamber are actually full people

There’s a bunch of terrifying ones that look like this, mostly near the back. But then the Grand Cleric looks like that too (although she definitely looks normal in cutscenes).

Sadly there didn’t seem to be any way to progress the plot or leave the Landsmeet chamber, so I had to reload and go through the Landsmeet again. But this was definitely a fun little adventure.