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Steve: Wade seems…nice enough. A little loud, a little extreme. But nice. I’m just glad someone’s getting Peter out of the house. Even if it is to throw rocks at the odd gound hog or try to climb those steep rocks at Central Park.

Logan: I’m hoping Parker will rub off on him. Maybe get Wade to calm down and cool it with the weapons.

Steve: Excuse me, weapons?

Logan: Nothin’, it’s nothin’.Don’t worry about it.

X- Men Preference: Cuddles

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Logan: He normally would be totally against cuddling. He just wasn’t that kind of guy. But there were days where he was worn down and tired. So he would lay on his back, waiting for you to come in. When you did, you knew what to do. You would instantly curl up to his side, putting one leg over his and and your hand on his chest. He put his arm around your shoulder, and you would stay there for hours.

Charles: It would be spoons all around. You were mainly the big spoon because Charles felt safe that way. Sometimes he’d have nightmares, and your arms would be his comfort. You dug your face into his back and kept an arm around his torso, your legs tangled together. You being the big spoon was the only way you two could fall asleep.

Eric: Eric also wasn’t big on cuddling. You and him would usually sleep with a bit of distance between you two, but your hands would always be touching. Your fingers would mix with each others, providing the only comfort you really needed. When you woke up together, the first thing that Eric would do would be kiss your hand. You always held eye contact when cuddling, until you both inevitably fell asleep.

Bobby: Bobby, despite having ice powers, was your personal heater. You would spoon as well, but he would always be the big spoon. It feels a bit contradictory, but he was actually very warm to you. He’d wrap his arm around your waist, and your fingers would interconnect. You’d use his other arm as kind of like a headrest. His face would bury into your shoulder. No matter how hard you tried, you always fell asleep like this.

Scott: He would love to lay on his stomach, making it tricky for you to cuddle in, but you found ways. Sometimes, you would wiggle under one of his arms and curl up on your stomach next to him. Other times, you’d lay out on his back, nestling your head in the crook of his neck. It would vary depending on how you both felt. Somehow it was comfortable.

Piotr: Because he was so big compared to you, you lay completely on his chest. Your head would be in his neck, your hands on his chest. He would kiss your forehead as much as he could. Both his arms would be tightly secure around your waist, not ready to let go at any point. His thumbs would rub circles in your back, giving you comfort.

Alex: You’d be laying your sides completely tangled in one another. Alex’s head would be on your chest, your arms around his shoulders. Your head would rest on top of his, and his hands would be tight around your waist. Your legs were in a jumbled mess. There was not an inch of space between you, so you could feel each other’s hearts beating.


Aw Hell No

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Steve Rogers x Howlett! Reader



A/n: this is such an awesome request because Logan gets to be the lil asshole he is :3 by the way, I hope you do not mind me making the reader a mutant like her brother Logan and Victor C:


Genre: Humor, Romance, Family

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Crude humor, swearing, mutant reader.


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines


You were sitting on the couch in your brothers’ home. Currently, Logan Howlett was arguing with Victor about something stupid.


You thought.

'Why can’t they just get along for once?’

I yelled to the mutants in the kitchen.

Hey! Shut the hell up!”

I stood up and crossed my arms, glaring at them from the kitchen’s archway. They looked at me and I growled out.

“If you two don’t stop arguing like a bunch of cats and dogs, I swear to fucking god both of you are going to have your tongues cut off. I cannot believe you two cannot get along for once. Logan, don’t you fucking dare open your howling screamer.”

I growled at him. Victor sighed and looked over at me. I stated, taking a step forward.

“Got something to say? Say it. I dare you. You know I’m right.”

Victor looked at me and Logan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.


“Whatever. I am taking a walk. Don’t wreck the house or I’m going to kick both of your guys’ asses and skinning your hides.”

I walked off, slamming the front door and took out my phone. Scrolling through, I picked the contact labeled as 'Stars N’ Stripes’


“Hey Steve.”

“Hey doll. What’s up?”

“The Log Man and the Meow-Festation are arguing again.”

“Let me guess, someone scratched the others back?”

“Yeah, basically. Can we go for a walk or something?”

“Sure. I can actually see you right now.”

You waved furiously and he chuckled. You spotted him and gave him a smile. He smiled and waved.

“I’ll be right there. Don’t wander off, Cat-dog.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. Don’t make me bring the claws out.”

“Ooo I’m scared.”

“You should be. Mroof.”

You heard laughter and Steve held open his arms, closing the phone. You walked over and hugged him. He whispered.

“Can you show me?”

“Let’s go to the lake, and then I will.”

Steve smiled and held your hand. You smiled and walked to the lake, your senses picking up many things. Birds, people, the water washing on the shore. Scents assaulted your nose and you sneezed.

'Bless you.“

"Thanks. There are so many smells here.”

Steve chuckled and you two sat on the shore. Steve watched you as your nails grew into claws and long, jagged claws ripped from in between your knuckles. Steve gently caressed the bones and you smiled softly. Steve stated.

'I’m still so amazed how you have saber-tooth and wolf DNA in you.“

"X Chromosome.”

“I thought Victor was your half brother and Logan was your full blooded brother?”

“They’re both my full blooded brothers. Meow-festation just doesn’t like Logan so he calls him his half brother.”

“What about you? Is Victor nice to you?”

“Victor loves me. When we were younger, Vicci would call me so many names like 'Cub’, 'Kitten’, and even 'Fluffy’.”

Steve chuckled and asked.

“And Logan?”

“Logan likes to keep to himself. However, he will open his howling screamer when need to. He hated it when Vicci called me only feline names. Therefore, Logan is only allowed to call me canine associated names. His favorite is 'Bitch’,”

Steve snorted and you giggled. Steve gently kissed you and you let your claws retract, running your hand through his hair. You froze when you heard.

“Oh hell no.”

You pulled back and there stood Logan and Victor. Logan was scowling while Victor quirked an eyebrow up, a smirk on his face.

“(Y/N), don’t tell me you’re dating Mr. Rogers.”

Victor said. You blushed and smiled, a fang popping out.


Logan snarled and stated, pushing you away from Steve and standing in between you two.

“No you are not.”


He looked back and growled.

“I’m your alpha, you listen to me.”

“I listen to nobody.”

I stated, getting in his face. He snarled and growled out.

“Don’t you try to fight for dominance, (Y/N)! I’m your alpha-”

“-I will. You are not going to take the only thing that makes me feel human away.”

Logan was taken back and I stated.

“I didn’t act like this when you were with Jean.”

Victor whistled and said beneath his breath, dragging Steve his way.

“Low blow, Kitten. Mr. Rogers, you might want to stand back.”


“It’s going to get ugly.”

Logan glared at you and you let your claws out, growling. Logan stated.

“You know I’m a lot stronger than you.”

“Too bad your stupidity overrides it!”

You tackled him and went to scratch his face. Suddenly, arms gripped you by your hips and a voice whispered.

“Kitten, it’s not worth it.”

“Victor! Let me go!”

“I can’t do that. You will kill him. Go with Steve, I’ll take care of this idiot.”

You glared at Logan and Victor set you down. He turned you around and you looked into his eyes. Victor smiled softly.

“You tell me if he hurts you, I’ll let him have a taste of cat.”

You cracked a small smile and stated.

“I can take care of myself, Meow-festation.”

Victor grinned at the name and patted your back, pushing you toward Steve.


You nodded and gave one last look to Logan. You took Steve by the hand and quickly led him off. You heard yelling behind you and Steve whispered.

“Ok. I have to admit this. That really made me nervous.”

You looked at Steve, stated. “Bite me,” and rolled your eyes.