ch: logan echolls

Three years later, and I’m STILL not over the naked emotion in Veronica’s face during the pillar scene.  

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I have this habit of pulling back from scenes and trying to view them from other perspectives.  What if it was my first viewing?  What if I was anti-L/V?  How would I minimize this moment?  

But there’s no possible way to view this scene as merely a culmination of restrained lust.  If that was the case, she wouldn’t look so shattered.  She wouldn’t be practically in tears. 

She has the expression of somebody who’s experiencing something world-changing, and allowing it to happen.  Not shutting down her vulnerability.    

The only possible interpretation I can make is, that (despite all odds, years, and continents), movie canon Veronica LOVES Logan, is being honest with herself about said love, and probably always knew she was meant to end up here. 

Excuse me while I curl up in a ball and sob.