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It's been over a decade but it still amuses me to no end that Leo told Paige that Whitelighters are pacifists because she clearly didn't get that memo. She electrocutes demons without batting an eye, blows up Leo from the inside up, is always the first one to want to kick demon ass and Leo of all people turned her into the Goddess of War. Do you think the Elders told Leo to tell Paige to chill and he was like THAT WOMAN BLEW ME UP FROM THE INSIDE MORE THAN ONCE, NO THANKS! YOU TELL HER!

I know, right? The whole thing was just absolute gold. Her reaction when he told her that she was a pacifist and may never learn to fight was literally:

And then she proceeded to ignore his point for the rest of the series.


Look at the words Piper uses. I see your point. I’m sorry I didn’t understand. I know this must be difficult for you.

This is relationship-ing at the highest level. A perfect relationship isn’t about not fighting at all. It’s about approaching opposing issues calmly and with empathy.

And in the last four caps we hit the crux of the issue. Leo is upset with the way Piper presents him in public, as we discovered at the beginning of the episode, and what he needed to hear was that she was proud to be with him - that she doesn’t think he’s “just a friend” (which must’ve hurt after the time they WERE only friends when Dan was around). Piper says those exact words, and the underlying issues Leo’s been feeling start to heal.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it here, I’ll be sure to say it again in the future:

Communication is everything.