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Zodiac Signs as Orange Is The New Black Characters

Alex Vause: Scorpio or Aries or Virgo 

Piper Chapman: Gemini sun & Leo moon & Virgo rising 

Larry Bloom: Libra or Sagittarius or Pisces 

Polly Harper: Leo or Aquarius or Sagittarius  

Anita DeMarco: Aquarius or Cancer or Leo

Miss Rosa Cisneros: Taurus or Scorpio or Gemini

Lorna Morello: Cancer or Taurus or Libra

Nicky Nichols: Sagittarius or Aquarius or Leo

Galia Reznikov (Red): Taurus or Scorpio or Pisces

Norma Romano: Libra or Taurus or Virgo

Suzanne Warren (crazy eyes): Aries or Pisces or Aquarius

Cindy Hayes: Gemini or Aries or Leo

Janae Watson: Gemini or Leo or Sagittarius

Miss Claudette: Taurus sun & Aries/Scorpio moon/rising

Sophia Burset: Leo or Pisces or Gemini

Berdie Rogers: Pisces or Cancer or Libra

Yvonne Parker (Vee): Capricorn or Gemini or Cancer 

Poussey Washington: Aries sun & Pisces moon/rising

Tasha Jefferson (Taystee): Sagittarius or Libra or Cancer

Brook Soso: Pisces or Libra or Aquarius 

Mr. Healy: Taurus or Capricorn or Leo

Tiffany Dogget (Pennsatucky): Leo or Sagittarius or Gemeni

Gina Murphy: Virgo or Gemini or Capricorn

Joe Caputo: Gemini or Scorpio or Cancer 

Natalie FIgueroa: Leo or Sagittarius or Aries 

Yoga Jones: Virgo or Pisces or Aquarius

Sister Jane Ingalls: Aquarius or Virgo or Capricorn

Carrie (Boo): Sagittarius or Gemini or Aries

Lolly Whitehill: Libra or Gemini or Aquarius

Stella Carlin: Scorpio or Aries or Leo 

Aleida Diaz: Leo or Aries or Capricorn 

Maritza Ramos: Taurus or Cancer or Scorpio

Gloria Mendoza: Capricorn or Virgo 

Marisol Gonzalez (Flaca): Leo or Gemini or Libra

Maria Ruiz: Virgo or Aquarius 

Daya Diaz: Pisces or Taurus

John Bennett: Capricorn or Virgo or Pisces

Pornstache Mendez: Scorpio or Leo or Cancer 

Mei Chang: Virgo or Libra 

  • Piper: I love you Alex, but I also hate you.
  • Nicky: if you didn't already love me because of my hilarious jokes, let me woo you with my tragic backstory.
  • Alex: Just admit you can't resist me piper.
  • Red: Fuck everyone here.
  • Larry: Pipes, I love you. Just kidding, I fucking hate you.
  • Polly: I am so busy with this baby, and I am so over my husband.
  • Tastee: let's get our TWERK on.
  • Pensatucky: IM BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU.
  • Lorna: oh Charlie...
  • Vee: But we were friends Red, remember?
  • Daya: well what's going to happen when the baby comes out and it's not Mendez's
  • Bennett: well let's just say it's his baby, so I don't go to jail, and then I will take the baby and raise it on my own!
  • Yoga Jones: Everybody, let's just be zen okay.
  • Rosa: I'm dying, and soon, so fuck you all, and fuck this place.
  • Healy: I just want my wife to love me.
  • Caputo: I'm an asshole, most of the time.
  • Figueroa: I'm the hotshot here. Everyone wants to sleep with me, I'm rich, I'm beautiful, I run this town.
  • Brooke Soso: so, once, during a political protest...
  • Everyone: Soso, SHUT THE FUCK Up.