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Fic: Public Opinion

@ffedericag prompted: a potluck dinner fic with husbands!klaine and some of the glee characters. The boys are so in love and clingy and everybody else is jealous. FLUFF AND CUTENESS

Kitty POV, PG-13, ~1500 words.

Again? Really? I thought the honeymoon phase was supposed to end, Kitty thought, sneering briefly before taking a sip from her glass of white wine. Especially when they’ve been married for years now.

She realized that she might just be bitter - after all, her last relationship hadn’t ended either well or all that long ago, and she was still a little too upset to think about finding a new guy yet. Still, it wasn’t pleasant to see Kurt and Blaine being the perfect hosts, pulling out chairs and making sure all the food was on the table in a manner that looked almost choreographed in how synchronized it was. Not when she was going to have to go back to her cramped dorm and obnoxious roommate.

“There a reason you’re shooting daggers at Kurt and Blaine?” Artie asked quietly, rolling up beside her so smoothly that she jumped.

“They look like there should be cartoon birds fluttering around their heads,” Kitty griped, sipping again. “It’s unbearable.”

“I understand,” Artie said, following her gaze. “I mean, Tina and I are great, but I don’t think we’ve ever been that precious.”

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Under the cut, you’ll find #81 photos of semi-faceless blondes that could possibly pass as KITTY WILDE aka BECCA TOBIN on Instagram. I own none of these pictures, so the credit goes out to original owners. Though, I did spend hours looking for these and resizing them, so a like or reblog would be cool if you plan on using any of these!

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I love a lot of characters but I’ve accepted that they have flaws and I’m not going to justify Finn outing Santana, Quinn trying to make Shelby loom like an abusive mother, Rachel sending Sunshine to a crackhouse, Kitty takin in Marley’s Grease costumes and suggesting she make herself throw up etc. You can like a character without condoning their actions, and I’m tired of being demonised up for liking who I like over characters who supposedly do no wrong.