ch: kili

How long have I known you, brother
Hundreds of lives, thousands of years
How many miles have we wandered
Under the sky, chasing our fear

Some kind of trouble is coming
Don’t know when, don’t know what
I will stand by you, brother
‘Til the daylight comes or I’m dead and gone

I’ve shared my life with you, brother
Since I recall, you’ve been my friend
You say we’re not like the others
Still we must die, all things must end

I know we can’t stop what’s coming
But I will try, oh how I’ll try!
Will you fight with me, brother
One last time, one last fight

Don’t turn away, don’t tell me that we’re not the same
We face the fire together, brothers 'til the end
Don’t run away, our time will come but not today
I stand beside you, brother, with you 'til the end


All creds to tona for sending me this song and making me cry


I’m sure that some people believe that being a dick comes with the territory. It’s just that you can get a bit consumed by the job, which can tip over into self-indulgence. You’ve got to remember that we’re not saving lives-it’s just entertainment, Actors can forget that sometimes amid all the ego-massaging. I’m aware of that and it’s something I’ve always fought against

- Christmas lights with you

I love this two. I was listening to Paradise Stars and I broke down into tears: I just want them to hang out one day and look at the stars together and feel free and be happy. They are both so young and they don’t quite buy all the stuff they are being told, and I think they feel really close to each other, they understand each other in a simple way. And I love that. Like when you find someone who shares your same sensitivities and you can’t believe there’s someone out there who understand you. It feels magical.

Warm up doodle.