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Kagami Taiga; the hotheaded, food-loving, chiseled, and adorable basketball idiot.

[08.02] Happy Birthday Kagami! (Inspired by x.)

I donno where people get the idea that kagami is a blushy, easily embarrassed guy b/c like 

i think he’s pretty hardcore

…..aaaaaannnnndddddd then there’s aomine

…like are we seriously saying that kagami would be the one that would be sensitive to pda and w/e??? because like…..

just look at them

kagami would not be the virgin in that relationship

Sleepy talk with Kagami
  • Sleepy talk with Kagami
  • VA: Yuuki Ono
  • Yanero Ai suru ga Yue ni Vol 02

You’re awake in the middle of night, going through some paper written by him. He also wakes up, chats a little bit with a little teasing, before encouraging you to go back to sleep. He’s very excited because you apparently got the job you wanted/applied to.

General cute audio if you like to listen to Ono’s voice. 


This is from drama CD Yanero Ai suru ga Yue ni Vol 02

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Gom, kagami, takao, imayoshi, hanamiya: when they're taking a dump in a public toilet and realised there is no toilet paper...

i was crying so hard holy shit
MidoTaka sorry not sorry

KUROKO: He’s speechless, staring in agony at the toilet roll. He debates whether or not he should call for help..

KAGAMI: He starts banging his head onto the stall wall next to him and going through all the possibilities of getting help. “Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.”

KISE: “Senpai, help mee~!” Kise whines into his cell phone, still sitting on the toilet. Kasamatsu begins screaming into the phone about how much of an idiot he is and it makes Kise cry.

MIDORIMA: His eyes widen when his hands grab at the air instead of the toilet paper he was hoping for. “Impossible. I have my lucky-” Midorima then realizes that he left it at the table in the restaurant. He sits motionlessly on the toilet until Takao comes looking for him.

AOMINE: He doesn’t even care if anyone was in the bathroom as well, so he expresses his anger to the fullest. “Are you fuCKING KIDDING ME?”

MURASAKIBARA: I bet you he’d just fuckin get up with his pants down and walk into the next stall for toilet paper Mura doesn’t give a shit.

AKASHI: He’s not too sure how he got into this situation in the first place. He was so sure that he had toilet paper, so Akashi begins to wonder if someone planned this. “Whoever did this, reveal yourself now,” He stupidly firmly calls out into an empty bathroom. 

TAKAO: Midorima was waiting outside in the cart, so he’s quick to call his name repeatedly. “Shin-chan! There’s no toilet paper!” Takao shouts at him when he enters the restroom. Midorima sighs, before stating, “Oha asa does not help those who depend on others.” He walks out with Takao screaming after him.

IMAYOSHI: He feels like there was an easy solution to his situation, so he reaches underneath the next stall to grab some toilet paper. However, he doesn’t expect a shrill scream to come out from that stall. Imayoshi doesn’t know what to do, so he screams, too.

HANAMIYA: He lets out a string of curses and starts yelling at himself- he even kicks at the stall door. Anyone who was in the bathroom as well fled with confused and terrified faces.