ch: jorah

Waiting to see our JBear in Seville

Yesterday I saw Iang going out the hotel with his bicicle and flip flops, he was in front on me and I tell him please to stop, but he told me that he was late (with an AMAZING smile) and he dissapear…. I have a bittersweet feeling. I have no photo.

Today, I saw him again, inside a car… He did not see me. :(

I live far away from Seville, so for me it´s difficult to go.

But I am lucky, I saw him two years ago and now. He is amazing and I know, that if he knows that a real huge fan is there for him (not like everybody, who does not really cares Jorah/Iain) he maybe stops.

Iain, I love you. Enjoy Seville.

Cricket and her weird green croissant child who just wants to float in some shallow water and soak up some sun, Why Are You Holding Me

Cricket is basically entirely covered in tattoos but I currently have no idea What Of….so….scribbles will have to do