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Peter showing up at Johnny’s place with a bouquet of flowers might not have been the best idea

(see also: I’m very excited for Michael B. Jordan to play Johnny)

anonymous asked:

A dakenjohnny fic list would be great :D

And I’m certainly up for the task, anon :3

This pairing is woefully underwritten. Here are the works I’m aware of:

Send-off by eva_roisin. This is a thing of beauty, a fic that makes you clutch your chest in pain and cry yourself to sleep. It’s part of the glorious Daken-centric series They Will Lie: Stories, and I suggest not being already emotionally compromised when reading this, because it’s haunting and violently, brutally emotional. It’s set during Daken: Dark Wolverine 4 and it’s interwoven with flashbacks to Daken’s past with Romulus (so trigger warning: child sexual abuse). Not for the faint of heart.

How Daken got better or Magical Princess Sparkle Fist by manicr. This is shameless fluff, which is always great, and which you’ll need badly after the aforementioned fic. It’s an AU after the LA arc in Daken: Dark Wolverine and everything is happiness and rainbows and sunshine and I. Adore. This. It will leave a huge grin on your face.

Thrillseeker by PepperPrints. A delightful AU set at the Jean Grey School, where Daken is supposedly settling down and being responsible.

A New Way of Looking at the World by fajrdrako. This one is set during Daken: Dark Wolverine 4 too. An interesting, thoughtful take at their relationship.

Dreamscape by PepperPrints. Set after Daken’s death. Wonderfully sad.

Grandsnikts (Pt.2) by Zethsaire. Domestic fluff. Amazing domestic fluff.

Ah, here comes the smut (I wouldn’t count Send-off as smut because you’re too busy wailing about the traumatic rest to focus on the smut. Yes, I love that fic, is it too obvious? >-< ooops):

watch me burn by dytabytes. Another Daken: Dark Wolverine 4 fic.

Playing with matches by Dazzledfirestar. This is delightful. It portrays an interesting dynamic.

and Out, also by Dazzledfirestar. A darker fic; trigger warning: knifeplay.

Scent Senseless by Salmon_Pink. Pure PWP, Johnny’s POV, really evocative imagery.

Closer by DeliaIsNotMyName. This one is more explicit in its Daken/Bullseye but presents an interesting take on Daken’s relationship with Johnny from Bullseye’s point of view.

And of course, DangerousCommieSubversive has written many glorious Daken/Johnny ficlets.