ch: johnny storm

  • Wade: [sinister voice, holding a portable keyboard] There is a third option!
  • [Vaudeville keyboard music]
  • Peter: There is?
  • Wade: Yes! It involves... murder.
  • [More vaudeville keyboard music]
  • Johnny: That's your option?
  • Wade: [normal voice] Yeah. You guys both had options. I just wanted to have one too.
  • Wade: [sinister voice] Or did I?

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Reader x Johnny

“You want me to do what!” You asked Sue who flinched.

“You’ll be payed and you will have a room here… you can even sit in on some of our research.” She offered hopefully.

“I’m an intern not a babysitter.” You huffed which was when the cause of your foul mood swaggered into the room.

“Well look who it is.” Johnny hummed, coming to lean on the wall next to the two of you. “Can’t get enough of me huh?”

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