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Not as innocent

When the boys of firehouse 51 find some fanfiction they search around to find the owner of it, only to find out more about you, than they ever thought they would.
Word Count - 695
Characters - Firehouse 51 x Reader

‘Y/N, can we read you something?’ Otis asked as you enter the rest room.
‘Sure go ahead.’ You said, Otis and Herrman took a seat at the counter, bringing out folded bits of paper, they unfolded it and you waited.
‘As she switched on the hose, the water sprayed up, causing her shirt to go wet. He stood watching as Susie walked over and helped, handle the strong and powerful hose, their hands gripped it tightly.’ Otis read, looking up at you and then back down at the paper. Once they saw you weren’t flustered in anyway. They turned over the page.
‘She opened her mouth to speak and he cut her off by placing his warm lips on mine, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She let out a quiet moan as his hands slid down to my waist. She attempted to push his chest back but he quickly pinned her hands to the side of the door as he moulded his body with hers. He let go of her hands and placed them under her bum to hoisting her up. She squealed in surprise as his large hands gripped her. Her legs went around his waist and she loosely wrapped her hands and his neck and tugged at the back of his hair. He let out a groan that made her smile against his lips.’ They finished reading. When they looked up they had an eyebrow raised.
‘Did you write this?’ They asked looking hopeful. You looked over their shoulders towards Dawson and Sylvia smirking.
‘You know what boys.’ You said, placing your coffee mug down on to the counter.
‘What.’ They all said lowering the paper.
‘You are absolutely…’ You said, leaning over the counter, the boys leaning closer as well.
‘Wrong.’ You said, before standing up, grabbing your mug and walking away to join Gabby. Everyone chuckling.
‘You think I’d write about what happens at the firehouse?’ You asked them, they shrugged their shoulders.
‘I mean, its good stuff. Personally, that might be to vanilla for me, anyway.’ You said and all the men’s mouths dropped but the girls gave you a high five. They shook their heads before clearing their throats.
‘Well, if it’s not you, Dawson or Sylvia then who is it?’ Herrman asked.
‘Maybe it one of you guys.’ You suggested, not looking up from the paper. Everyone narrowed their eyes on each other.
‘Well it’s not me.’
‘Not me.’
‘Nada.’ They all said variations of them denying it. Then everyone looked to Herrman.
‘What?’ He asked them, as they all stared at him.
‘You think I’d write about people here? I have a wife I’m good thanks.’ He said, everyone sighed.
‘Looks like the culprit is still free.’ You said, placing the mug in the sink before walking away. They guys watched as you walked away and said hello to Connie. They watched as
‘Are you sure it’s not Y/N?’ Otis asked. Gabby scoffed and they all turned to her.
‘You know something don’t you.’ Cruz said.
‘Oh yeah.’ She said with raised eyebrows and Sylvia smiled as well.
‘You both know something.’ Cruz then said watching as Sylvia looked up.
‘Tell us.’ Otis said, Gabby and Sylvia looked at each other.
‘It’s definitely not her.’ Gabby told them.
‘How do you know?’ Cruz asked.
‘The stuff that’s in there, so wrong for her.’ Sylvia replied, pointing at the paper in their hands.
‘How come?’ Otis asked, all the men watching on.
‘Well for starters she’s not going to going to gripping the hose.’ Sylvia said, Gabby chuckled, remembering the stories you had told them of the wild nights you had. As they said that, the boys looked completely clueless.
‘Oh god, do we have to break it down for you?’ Gabby said, but by the looks on their faces she did.
‘Well you see, the hose would come in hand with Y/N, as she’s tied to the bed.’ Gabby said, everyone chocked on their saliva. Gabby and Sylvia chuckled before standing up and leaving the rest room that was filled with grown men chocking.
‘She’s not as innocent as you think guys.’ Sylvia commented before leaving.

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