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Jeremy singing Broadway, Here I Come at the New Zealand panel

Head Canons for the show Smash

Warning there are many spoilers ahead

Jimmy and Karen get married after Jimmy serves his time and they have a son named Kyle.

Hit List runs for many years and Kyle ends up staring in it.

Ivy eventually goes back to Broadway and continues to be a star.

When Ivy and Derek have a daughter, she eventually lands the roll of Marilyn in Bombshell.

Derek has slightly softened for his daughter.

Tom and Julia go their own ways but eventually come back together to make another hit musical.

Tom and Patrick marry each other after Tom and Julia do the movie musical.

Julia gets a Tony for Best Play because of Gatsby.

Jerry makes a bad investment and ends up losing millions.

Eileen and Nick live happily ever after without having to worry about Jerry.

Ana is baby Kyle’s godmother.

Kyle follows Jimmy by being an actor and follows Kyle by being an amazing writer.

Kyle’s first major role is Davey in a Newsies revival and Jimmy couldn’t be more proud.

Karen is a part-time producer which she ends up being very good at.

Ivy’s daughter and Kyle end up playing opposite each other in a musical and end up dating.

Derek is not very happy about it in the beginning but once he sees his baby is happy, he’s happy.

Derek is also happy that his daughter didn’t end up like him.

Daisy never lands another role after the blackmailing thing gets out.

There is a writing award named after Kyle.

Jimmy and Karen also start a foundation for underprivileged children who want to be in theater, and the foundation is named after Kyle.

Jimmy and Karen become Broadway’s Power Couple. They do it all and everyone loves them.

The Collins family is Broadway royalty.

Hit List becomes Broadway’s Longest Running Musical.

They get a book written about them and their journey and it’s a best seller.

Hit List gets professionally recorded when it hits the 25 year anniversary mark.

Jimmy has been clean since Kyle died.

Jimmy hosts the Tony one year and it’s a “battle” between him and Neil Patrick Harrison the whole show and everyone loves it.

Whenever anyone performs Hit List, there is always a tribute to Kyle.

Jimmy and baby Kyle team up once to write a musical.

The Collins family is so successful and have their hooks in so many things that nobody knows how they do it! It gets hard sometimes, but they always manage to push through because they love each other.

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