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Theory: Kirk’s ripped shirt in the newer movies doesn’t have small holes because it’s improperly portraying just how horribly he can destroy his uniform, it’s because he’s just at the beginning of his shirt-ripping career. From what I understand, even the beginning of TOS is set much later than the most recent of the new Trek movies, so Kirk’s still a bit new at this.

I choose to believe that, given time, this alternate version of Kirk will also eventually master how to properly rip his shirt during a mission, and will one day make it back to the bridge in a shirt of which nothing remains but the collar and one sleeve clinging to it with a sort of forlorn determination.

Never Have I Ever

The crew plays Never Have I Ever and when the question “never have I ever fucked my best friend” is asked, it opens up both memories and opportunities for Jim and Leonard.

Based on this post by @rustleofthestars and contribution by @mccoymostly

Warnings: there is a tiny bit of maybe-nsfw :)


Leonard McCoy is not a teenager anymore so how he ends up playing Never Have I Ever is completely beyond him.

It’s probably Jim.

As he sees the other down a shot with practiced ease, he decides it is definitely Jim.

It started out innocently enough, moving along to the “never have I ever been black-out drunk” and “never have I ever backed down from a bar fight” questions.

Then it’s Pavel’s turn.

Pavel who has drunk more than Leonard and truth be told he’s a bit worried about the kid. Both for his alcohol levels as for his future. Now, though, the Russian just furrows his brow in thought and then with a smirk says: “Never have I ever fucked my best friend,”

The moment the words leave Pavel’s lips Leonard turns to look at Jim.

Jim, who turns to Leonard with a smirk.

Jim, whose moans, soft fingers and kisses Leonard still remembers.


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mccoymostly  asked:

Tos Jim, please. :)

My absolute pleasure, Anna!


He’s a massive fucking nerd who adores literature of all kinds.


Oh man, just one? Let’s see… Okay, because I wrote about it last night and it’s still pretty fresh in my head: a large part of why he is the way he is as a captain is because of the events on Tarsus. The way he goes out of his way for his crew, the way he throws himself at danger if there’s even an eighth of a chance that it’ll save someone else’s life, the way he demonstrates an almost saint-like level of caring and compassion for everyone he encounters is all because he’s seen what happens when someone in power doesn’t possess these qualities.

He never wants to be that man.


I sincerely believe that even after what happened with David, Jim would have a hard time hating all Klingons. He spends the entire series and all of the movies fighting against racism and sexism of all kinds no matter what events led to a person having those perceptions.

David was his son for all of five seconds, and I refuse to think that the core of Jim’s ideals as a Starfleet admiral would crumple like a tin can and be completely negated in an instant.


No one will ever convince me that while Spock was attempting to undergo the Kolinahr, Jim wasn’t trying his damnedest to keep his own relationship with Len afloat. The three of them worked, then part of the tripod left and Jim nearly wore himself out attempting to bear the extra weight himself.


Jim’s a sensualist. Yeah, there’s the on-going joke about Bones because of that one comment from Spock, but Jim’s the one who could spend hours just touching and intimately getting to know every nook, cranny, and erogenous zone of a partner until he’s turned them into a puddle in his hands.

And he’d do it with that damn sunshine smile of his pasted to his stupidly beautiful face the whole time.

Jim the Housemate (Academy!Jim x reader)

Summary: You take the days stresses out on Jim, but he always knows how to cheer you up.

Pairing: Jim x reader (Academy!Jim)

Warnings: language

a/n: I would like to thank my housemates and university for the inspiration behind this piece. If you replace the hug with a tenderly offered shot of vodka and the towel for nerf guns you essentially have the last two years of my life. More of a best friend pairing in this one but platonic love is just as important as romantic.

Words: 905

“JIM KIRK GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE NOW!” Jim was in trouble. Obviously.

It wasn’t really in your nature to get angry, but seeing the state of your shared kitchen made your blood boil. It was a small space, in a small house, with small rooms and small doors. Your housemate Jim was a big mess. Right now you were staring at a pile of dishes which had seemingly begun to develop their own eco system.

“You called?” Jim said, appearing round the corner with a tentative smile on his face.

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