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 @drawn-to-darkness requested a Jess/Becker “Love Me”
“Love Me”  - A fluffy drabble about two (or more) characters.

Jess glanced back over her shoulder.
He was still standing there, gun slung over his shoulder.
A broad-shouldered, tousled blonde-haired, blue-eyed dribbling solider standing at the door where Becker normally stood, watching her with a crooked smile.

He was one of Becker’s new men, a replacement for Jamie Weaver, and Jess didn’t really like him.
She couldn’t even remember his name, if she was being honest, but Becker seemed to have taken a bit of a shine to him, so she wasn’t going to complain.
The blonde walked over, leaning over the back of her chair, and smiling.
“Miss Parker? If you don’t mind me asking, what’s Becker like to work with? 
Jess turned her chair around, knocking the boy off balance.
“He’s formidable if you cross him. He doesn’t like to share his toys with others, so don’t touch any of his guns. He’s also a bit tactless sometimes, so don’t let him bother you.”
The blonde laughed. “So I’m better off staying out of the old grumps way then huh? Tell me, how exactly do you suppose I deal with him?”
“You don’t. He deals with you.” Came an amused voice, and the blonde wheeled around to see Becker standing over him, mouth twisted in a small smile.
Becker dropped a chocolate bar on Jess’s desk.
“Nothing with orange. I remembered.” He noted, clapping his hand down on the new recruits shoulder.
“So then, Joseph, how about we have a little chat about fraternisation in the workplace?”
The blonde squeaked fearfully in response as Becker dragged him away, and Jess dared to wave cheekily.
Maybe this wouldn’t be quite so bad after all.

nowhere-dawn-death-phan  asked:

My favourite Jess and Becker moments are all from 5x04 I've made loads of posts about it because it was just such a good episode for their characters and it makes me cry everytime.

5x04 had such amazing character development for them both!

Becker finally showed the mask he’s been wearing since S3 is breakable because despite his best efforts he has begun to care for Jess - a lot more than maybe he even realised until that episode.

Jess herself showed she would put others before herself whereas up till that point I know some people criticised her for being shallow (silly, silly people - but that’s all I’ll say on them!) and she also showed some awesome skills with an EMD I still feel need more exploration and explanation because god damn, girl has skills!

On a non-Jess/Becker side, it was heartbreaking to see Connor realise he’d been manipulated and what he was doing would have been the opposite of what Nick would have wanted. 

Emily was awesome. Matt was awesome. Abby and her love for Rex was awesome.

… There’s a reason 5x04 is one of my all time favourite Primeval episodes!

For @drawn-to-darkness for the OTP question meme.
(Jess/Becker) from Primeval

13.Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

If they’ve just got back from a particularly dangerous anomaly incursion, it’ll be Jess.
She’ll lace her fingers into his to convince herself he’s still alive, and he’ll smile down at her with his crooked grin.
But sometimes it’ll be Becker, particularly in the days after the beetle’s entered the ARC, where he’ll awake at 5am with tears on his face because he’d had a nightmare that he hadn’t been able to save her.
It’s often Jess though, as Becker still prefers to maintain his stoic emotionless facade at work, even though the whole ARC knows they’re “secretly” dating by now.

Food for thought *SPOILERS FOR 5x04*

Do you think if Jess had died in 5x04 they could have legally charged Connor with manslaughter because he let the bugs into the ARC?
Or would they have to charge Philip with manslaughter because he refused to lift the lock-down even though he knew Jess could die if he didn’t?

I mean, I don’t see why Becker would want to press charges against Connor (Philip is another story ) but theoretically, if he did choose to press charges against him, could they have Connor arrested for manslaughter, or is that not how the UK legal system works?

Reblog with what you think, I’m curious.