ch: jess parker

andrewteapotts  asked:

Would you do Jess/Becker? If not Conabby for sure! :D

I will TOTALLY do Jess/Becker for you!!

The ARC was decked out in full party gear.  Jess had insisted.  Despite Lester’s protests, she knew he was secretly happy to have everyone celebrating together.  For one thing, it got him out of the ghastly dinner that his wife had been planning.  Jess was a bundle of nerves, though—everything had to be perfect, had to be normal.  For once, the team could have a proper office party as proper mates.

She was flitting about from here to there throughout the evening, sipping champagne as she went.  A sip here, a sip there, grabbing another flute from the table as she passed by, mingling with everybody, until there was a bit of a stumble in her step and she found herself wondering through a bit of a fog precisely how many flutes had been on the table at the beginning of the night … 

Before long, the team was gathering together to watch the countdown on the main display.  Jess tottered after them, only to lose her balance and find herself careening towards the floor.  She never quite made it there, though, as well-muscled arms swept her up and held her steady.

“Easy now,” Becker cautioned, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.  "Lucky I’ve had my eye on you since flute number three, or you’d be ringing in the new year from the medical lab.“

"You … you had your eye on me?” Jess blurted out, eyes wide and cheeks beginning to color.

“Well,”  Becker cleared his throat, glancing up at the screen and back to Jess.  "Someone needed to make sure your fuss over the details didn’t do you in.  Now come on.  It’s almost time.“  

Keeping his hands firmly braced against her shoulders, Becker guided Jess to the rest of the group.  They chanted together, “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!”

Jess clapped and laughed as everyone exchanged well-wishes and raised a toast to the days to come.  Overcome with the giddiness of the moment, Jess whirled around and pecked Becker on the lips.  Instantly her face flushed beet red. “Oh, um, must be the champagne and all… happy new year…”

When she finally had the courage to look up, she was shocked to discover that Becker’s face had turned a shade eerily similar to her own.  He finally recovered enough to smile, though, and then responded by wrapping his arms around her, and meeting her with a kiss of his own.  ”To new beginnings,” he murmured.  Then he pulled away, scratching the back of his neck and gazing helplessly around the room.

"Should we, erm, get some snacks in you? Might help cut the champagne a bit … ” and he took his hand in hers, leading her back to the buffet table.  He didn’t let her out of his sight for the rest of the evening.